A bag of sandwiches costs 21 pesos in Qatar

A bag of sandwiches costs 21 pesos in Qatar

  • Qatar ranks 53rd in the list of highest value digits per capita.

  • It is estimated that GDP per capita is seven times the world average.

  • The World Cup in Qatar is considered one of the most controversial sporting events of recent years.

The World Cup in Qatar has already started and with it the digital community has started chatting to show everything that seems worth telling because of the actions of different hobbies or the costs that can be achieved within the football party. Various attendees of the event pointed out that in the Middle East, a bag of sandwiches costs 21 pesos.

Qatar is a country with only 3 million inhabitants, enough to represent the population of some cities in the world; However, just over 75 percent of its residents are foreigners, in addition, this country has one of the lowest unemployment rates, as the unemployment rate is just under 2 percent according to official data. GDP per capita is seven times higher than the world average, It ranks 53rd with a value exceeding 200 billion dollars.

The cost of a sandwich bag in Qatar is 21 pesos

On 20 November the World Cup party kicked off with mixed reactions from football fans and society in general as it was seen as one of the most controversial sporting events, but also because of the cost of the products and inputs that were part of it. argument

Well, the capital of this country, Doha, is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, as evidenced by the high costs of food, as various network users point out, as can be seen in the video published by. a blogger inside the platform YouTube, The official currency, one Qatari Rial, is equivalent to 5.3 Mexican pesos, so these are some of the products that can be bought in Qatar for 100 Mexican pesos.

  • A kilo of apples costs 6 rials, or 32 pesos.
  • A kilo of tomatoes costs about 3.50 riyals or 21 pesos.
  • A kilo of rice costs about 5 rials, while that is 18 pesos.
  • But a bag of sandwiches costs 4 rials or 21 pesos.

But that’s not the only moment that went viral among creators. A Qatari group has gone viral for the way their Japanese fans have been surprised by their actions in the past few hours.I’m cleaning one of the stadiums after the opening game is over.

Events such as the World Cup have shown the importance social networks play in world conversation, because only through them can society learn that I acknowledge that they are not on television and traditional media, which is why these technologies are in the new normality. They have positioned themselves as the main tool of behavior and social communication.

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