Today's horoscope of all zodiac signs on November 24, 2022

Today’s horoscope of all zodiac signs on November 24, 2022

Inside horoscope today, Thursday, November 24, Jupiter, benevolent planet associated with luck, abundance and prosperity, direct route Four months later. With this change of direction, you will feel that you have regained your fortune and that the protections of the Universe have been reactivated.


Jupiter will begin its straight path starting today, having been retrograde for the past four months. With this move, you will be interested in growing on your spiritual path, your appreciation for meditation and introspection will increase, and you will be able to do the spiritual retreats you have wanted to do for a long time.

If you feel the need to heal your emotional wounds and are looking for a spiritual guide, it is important to remember that the planet in question can bring it to you in every way and it will do you good. know the spiritual properties that rice can offer you.

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From today onwards, the activities you attend with your friends and organizations will increase, thanks to Jupiter’s retrograde to direct deflection. You will feel totally kind to them because this is not the time to be selfish because everything you express and give will come back to you more.

In this order of ideas, I am not suggesting that you do anything because opportunities will come to you through those around you. Also, through cohesive work, you will feel that you belong to a group that represents your soul family, and a universal bond of brotherhood will be formed.

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Jupiter, the benevolent planet and tasked with opening doors in the zodiac, will begin its straight path today after four months of retrograde. With this move and after the hard days, he will send you good signs to continue moving forward in business and professional matters.

But in addition to that, you will feel optimistic and confident with a desire to do great things for your personal growth, you will realize that this change of attitude will allow you to increase your power to attract better events and people who know and value each and every one of them. your efforts and experiences.. The time will come to reap what is sown.

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In the last four months, you may not have felt lucky to have Jupiter retrograde. Today, the planet of prosperity will begin its direct path so that its protections will be activated within you. horoscope. You will feel this effect especially because you have more confidence in yourself to overcome difficult times and therefore you can look to the future with optimism.

You will be in a good mood and stagnant projects will be accelerated. You should be more careful during this period because there will be opportunities to expand and improve your love and financial life.

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The fertility planet Jupiter will change direction from retrograde to pole today. You will notice this good effect that everything will flow better, but mainly you will perceive that all your physical and mental faculties will expand. Firstly, it will be very easy for you to get rid of any health processes and get rid of stress.

Second, your intuition will increase to know what kind of work you should do with whom. If you are looking for a partner, you will be at the best time to find it, because now is the time when you can get financial support from others.

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In these last days, you asked for everything in your life to improve and for new people to come into your heart to cheer you up. This will now begin to come true, Jupiter will begin its direct path in the realm of your personal relationships.

Since this will be the best time to engage in public relations, you will find that your friends will be open to introducing you to new people, offering you the help you need to get romantically involved or just at this time. In this way, you will start to expand your social life in a positive way because the people who come will bring you luck.

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Good times will begin from today, thanks to Jupiter changing direction from retrograde to direct. If you have felt sluggish in your work in the last four months, you will find that these days energies are starting to flow to your benefit.

With this effect, situations will come that will give you the opportunity to grow both in your experience and in your finances, because your ability to progress in the world will increase. In this sequence of ideas, you’ll know how to grab the attention and appreciation of bosses so you can request new positions or promotions.

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In recent months, your illusions have focused on improving your romantic relationship or, if you’re single, on building a romantic, authentic and mutually respectful relationship. But from today onwards, all this will be possible with the start of Jupiter’s direct path in Pisces.

This is because the planet in question representing happiness will give you what you want. It will also impress you to not limit yourself and have a real relationship, and even more so if you do. The Aphrodite bath is a ritual that will help you become an irresistible person.

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From today, family relationships will be more harmonious and the desire to share together will increase among family members. This is because Jupiter will be in direct motion after four months retrograde.

With this influence of the benevolent planet and expansions, you can see the family growing, with the arrival of a baby or the spouse of one of its members.

They will also improve living conditions such as family well-being through a change of residence or a change of country. There will be many wonderful family moments.

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Today you will wake up with a different spirit, because you will feel a special belief that your wishes and achievements will soon come true. This will happen as Jupiter will begin its direct path after four months of retrograde.

As this influence is felt in studies, writing and teaching, your daily life will have good opportunities to do some kind of training in a subject you love or to improve your current position at work. Also, all the information that comes to you these days will give you the opportunity to understand a lot more about yourself.

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You will feel that it is time to make a change in your quality of life as you will feel that your income will increase soon. This good news for your economy will begin today as Jupiter starts its way in a direct direction after four months of retrograde.

When this happens, the planet in question will open new doors for you, so you will receive new job offers with better pay, a promotion or news that you have received a loan. Make your plans with this information and you will see how easy it will be for you to reach your goals.

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Today, Jupiter, a planet related to a higher vision of life, will begin its direct path as it passes through your sign. With this effect, your self-confidence will increase and you will have a very optimistic approach depending on the emerging conditions. It will be a good time to start a more constructive lifestyle where you can bring many of your projects to life.

Here are some that will help you grow personally and professionally. Travel opportunities will also arise and your doors will be open to life, so don’t forget to take advantage of these beautiful energies and expand your personal interests.

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