A dejected Aaron Mooy of Australia at full time during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D match between France and Australia

How has the internet reacted, from hope and joy to anxiety and pessimism, to the Socceroos’ 4-1 defeat to France in the World Cup?

As they say in football, it’s hope that kills, followed by four goals.

A dream turned into a nightmare for Socceroos and their fans, who were defeated 4-1 by defending champion France at the World Cup in Qatar.

Here’s how the internet reacted to a match that caused a whiplash.

After seeing Saudi Arabia beat Argentina hours ago, an argument broke out among loyal Socceroos for little reason not to be too.

Of course, that buttery optimism was also mixed with a pile of baked pessimism—a Soccer-roux, if you will.

Meanwhile, the international community was repeating its four-year debate over the name of the Australian national football team.

But then the match started and all of a sudden every possibility… well, it was possible, and we all sighed from that cocktail of hope, fate, luck, and luck, even though we weren’t in the stadium where such drinks were prohibited. .

And then, in the ninth minute, it happened: Craig Goodwin scores the Socceroos’ first World Cup goal from open play in eight years.

A high pass from behind was perfectly controlled by Mathew Leckie from the right, after which he defeated his man and sent a spear-cross to Goodwin, who had reached the far post.

The Adelaide United offensive’s finish hit the roof of the net and Australia took a 1-0 lead against the defending world champions.

Australia’s nostrils filled with the heady smell of ailment, and the fumes of Socceroos were high.

Mitchell Duke smashed a wide shot minutes later.

It was 18 minutes of unbridled ecstasy.

But then it happened (a different ‘it’ from the first ‘it’, a worse ‘it’).

Adrien Rabiot tied for France, who came from close range completely unmarked in the middle of the Australian penalty area.

Five minutes later, the relative happiness of the scoreboard parity gave way to the horror of the scoreboard deficit.

A defensive error by Nathaniel Atkinson allowed Kylian Mbappe to replace Olivier Giroud, who hits generously at close range.

Feeling the tide of the match dragging his team into dangerous waters, the devoted Australian began groping like a man caught in a rift on Bondi Beach, desperate for something to keep his hopes alive.

The Socceroos entered halftime in a dark gloom and were lucky to be only 2-1 behind.

And the loyalists were already summoning two Australian aggressors who could brighten the second half; Jason Cummings and Garang Kuol.

Calls for Cummings and Kuol escalated even more when France decided it would be fair to have 70 percent of the ball in the first 15 minutes of the second half.

And then there was (a third ‘it’, a very, very nice ‘it’).

Cummings came in the 56th minute and Kuol in the 74th minute.

Is it the match? Yes, France had already won 4-1 and we were mixing up the Australian goal like Peter Weller did at the start of Robocop.

Olivier Giroud equals Thierry Henry’s national team goalscoring record, a beautiful moment for a player who has quietly become one of the best strikers of his generation.

The second half made it clear how far behind Australia was, especially in defense; Mbappe and Ousmane Dembele routinely glided past the Socceroos’ fullbacks as if they were slightly wilted potted plants.

The idea that Australia could retain their unexpected one-goal lead was fictitious, putting the decision to sit deep after scoring in a pretty damning light; Somehow surviving a desert conflict was probably our best hope for a positive outcome, because France wasn’t defending nearly as well as they were attacking.

The seven-minute downtime was the unbearable final ordeal.

If Australia is to be successful in their next game against Tunisia, there must be a longer lasting and consistent threat on offense.

I would love to see «4-1».

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