Use #WisdomOfTheJungle and win an iPad 10 with The Lion King.

Use #WisdomOfTheJungle and win an iPad 10 with The Lion King.


How to join?

To win one out of 7 10th generation iPads You should watch the movie”Lion King» East 26 November by Azteca 7 and pay attention to the words that will appear on your screen, write them down and build the sentence. When the QR code appears, scan it to open the form where you need to select the option with the correct wording and so on #Wisdom of the Forest.

this top 7 Those who answer the form correctly will be possible winners. iPad 10th generation. this winners will be announced between friday 2 and monday 5 of the December @aztecasiete on their network. Note that this dynamic will only be available during » transmission.Lion King«and what should you do reply all formula.


All natural persons (18) of age, men and women from the Mexican Republic who have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of this dynamic are welcome to participate.


a) Participants should be aware that The Lion King movie will be released on Azteca 7 screen this November 26, 2022.

b) During the transmission, the words you need to type will appear on your screen, and when the QR code appears, scan it to direct you to the form you need to answer.

c) Participants must accept the terms and conditions of the dynamic and complete the entire process described to verify their participation.

d) The first 7 participants who give the correct answer and comply with all the terms and conditions of this dynamic will be selected as possible winners.

e) Only those who comply with all terms and conditions will be considered as participants.


From Friday, December 2, 2022 to Monday, December 5, 2022, possible winners will be selected after all the steps described in the dynamic have been confirmed correctly. Once the process is complete, the winners will be announced on Azteca 7’s social networks.


7 10th generation iPads. (1 submission per winner)


I. The winner may not change, modify, substitute or expand (in whole or in part) any element of the incentive.

II. The winner must send and/or submit their personal and residential official ID and if necessary proof of address to TV Azteca SAB de CV (TV Azteca).

III. A winner in another dynamic broadcast within the 6-month period preceding Azteca TV’s dynamic broadcast cannot be a winner.

IV. If selected, participants will be contacted by phone to determine delivery conditions for the tenth generation iPad.

V. This dynamic applies in the Republic of Mexico.

SAW. Each entrant selected as a winner will be contacted, if possible, with information on the process of handing over their prize.

VII. Offensive expressions, swearing, complaints, etc. Users will be eliminated.

8. TV Azteca reserves the right not to grant incentives in the event that the existence of fraudulent acts of selected winners is confirmed, without the need for any evidence of such fraudulent acts by the alleged winners to be proven to an official. winner(s)..

X. TV Azteca is NOT responsible for any additional costs incurred by attendees during the event, including but not limited to travel expenses and access to TV Azteca facilities, as applicable to those included in the incentive.

11. Data provided to TV Azteca by participants will be treated in accordance with the terms of the privacy statement available at

12. TV Azteca reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel any participation if it detects any anomalies. TV Azteca does not take any responsibility for any equipment, technical, communication or any other malfunction that may cause loss of information or affect user participation.

13. TV Azteca reserves the right to change the bases and mechanics without prior notice, any changes will be posted on this site.

XIV. Employees or former employees of TV Azteca, companies or subsidiaries of Grupo Salinas, or their direct or secondary relatives cannot participate.


The following situations are grounds for the winner to waive the incentive:

(i) If the winner decides, of their own free will, to forego the incentive for any reason.

(ii) If you cannot be contacted to deliver the incentive within the time specified above.

(iii) If the winner does not submit the requested documents on time.

In any of the above cases, TV Azteca SAB de CV may award the incentive to the next legitimate winner on the list of possible winners, who will be prudently selected during the selection of the first winners.

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