Notre left no impression on the Xiaomi smartphone

Notre left no impression on the Xiaomi smartphone

We recently tested the Xiaomi Poco F4, the fall of the F4 GT sortie, in better order. Moins cher, mais bien évidemment un peu moins puissant and moins bien loti of the photo, ce smartphone makes it possible for a person to perform a series of dances.

I presented you the care quelques mois, I bit f4 Activate the locator on the three simultaneous areas of the game environment, face the au Zone 9 Pro+ ah ah Galaxy A53. Our planes in May I tested the GT version of the Poco F4. Exit the universities to watch the video to choose the plus standard. Could offering €400 a month help F4 find its place in a main discount campaign?

price and availability

Le Poco F4 is currently available in two configurations:

  • 6 Go RAM and 128 Go pour stock €379.99
  • 8 Go RAM and 256 Go pour stock €429.99

The smartphone is available directly on the Xiaomi site.Xiaomi Poco F4

Déballage et tour du proprietaire

Poco designs Poco in a car with a complete home decor kit along with a smartphone. Charger 67W, USB-A to USB-C cable, plastic soup protection cap, is four pairs of outdoor design by default for screen and anti-scratch film for screen, USB-C and Mini-Jack adapter all. Most builders are inclined to suppress the four accessories in the base, so there are benefits to a home community for protecting and gaining more of an appliance in the home.Xiaomi Poco F4

Côté design, the Poco F4, is a revolution in the smartphone world. Front face offers 6.67 pouces diagonal big screen and a chin bit plus épais When the edges and a small dot appear above the selfie camera, the extreme point of the face is exceeded from the extreme point.Xiaomi Poco F4

Two smartphones in a green place à rectangular triple module photo, que nous developers plus late. In the same air, when you return to different parts of the buttons and normal ports, to learn the button, the digital button on the right and the volume management button. In the bass, note the presence of a speaker, dual SIM card ports and a USB-C port. Some devices detect an infrared sensor and a micro to reduce the overhead of calls.Xiaomi Poco F4

Complete your device offer a balance balance weights/size. Height 16.3 cm, height 7.6 cm and height 0.7 cm, total 200 grams.

Il en resort donc main acceptable rewardI’m so tired of using long practice sessions, web browsing, online chat or watching videos.Xiaomi Poco F4


The large 6.67-inch trackpad offers features that a millieu de gamme smartphone can appreciate. Assemble your computer Export AMOLED au format to 20:9 to suggest taux de rafraichissement 120 Hz, non-adaptive constant. 2400 pixels high and 1080 pixels large in front a clear and precise FullHD+ resolution. The device takes advantage of appropriate detail and provides accurate illumination to 900 nits standards and delivers 1300 nits of pictures.Xiaomi Poco F4

Couleurs couleurs, DCI-P3’s 100% dark and infinite contrast compatibility, perfect in AMOLED. Le Poco F4 benefits from HDR10+, Dolby Vision and True Color certifications. neanmons, l’écran’s basic configuration will tend to reinforce saturation. This configuration, if true to très flatteuse à l’oeil, will offer a tour dans les réglaages and a passage in « nature », a good calibration in terms of both color temperature and Delta AND plus two et plus proche des standards. .

For the Clôturer sur la dalle, it makes use of a 360 Hz haptic échantilonage, which uses it and is reactivated three times more.Xiaomi Poco F4


Bien qu’équipé deux hauts-parleurs en haut and en bas de l’appareil, le son délivré par ces derniers patit d’imbalance problem and d’a brutal manque of bass frequencies. Le sonne « boîte de conserve » à plein volume and souffle d’une distortion can be heard. The community will suffice to quickly see the content in the absence of a d’écoute plus performante. This device converts USB-C to mini jack or integrated 5.2 version of Bluetooth, you can profit by choosing USB-C.Xiaomi Poco F4


The L’intérieur du Poco F4 is on an unimpressive paper. Two versions are available, One with 6 Go RAM and 128 Go stock, the other with 8 Go RAM and 256 Go stock. Either way, the equipment is next-gen with DDR5 Low Profile and UFS3.1. Ensemble, Qualcomm, le tournament of grace in a processor Snapdragon 870. For rope descent, the 865 and 865’s successor plus été annoncé début 2021, that is, maintenance plus d’un moment. This donc en droit also claims to offer better performances.Xiaomi Poco F4

The Notre test version outperforms the two emerging configurations. By contrast, a certain standard of use (extra les jeux les plus in gurmands), it’s kind of – de façon amazing – plutôt bien. Interface, navigation and applications are charged and transitive from façon liquide. Chauffeur service maîtrisee, the stability of the system does not seem to be affected. In short, the results for a computer are more than good.

The Le Poco F4 will surprisingly go further in «game» handling. Actually, Genshin Impact reuses the fluid face tournamentby pressing the 60fps constants with the graphical parameters set to «normal». On a phone in a gaming environment, you can rarely lose your soul. On this basis, this range usually comes in – au mieux – to offer a stable result with «failed» graphics settings. L’ Adreno 650 s’en sort vraiment bien donc dans cette configuration.Xiaomi Poco F4

Meme s’il n’est pas conçu pour le jeu, Le Poco F4 looks like legacy GT version, qui affiche une maitrise a itisale dans ce domaine. It should be noted that a driver plus the type of use is important. Bien que loin d’être over, cette dernière se ressent and reste présente (ce qui peut cependant être un bon point pour vous garder au chaud cet cetre, diront les mauvaises langues).

Connectivité et réseau keeps you busy with your X55 modem. 5G connectivity. Ici, if you touch 5G millimeter compatibility, you won’t get the best results in France.

In Retrouvera également le Bluetooth 5.2 moreover, as I mentioned before Wi-Fi 6. This devérez donc n’avoir aucun problems to benéficier de ce qui se fait de mieux dans les deux cas.

Autonomy and charging

Offering a 4500 mAh battery, Poco F4 is registered in current standards. Don’t get to the point of recharging with induction, offer all the benefits dance 67W fast charging transformer. These days, the factory will have a one-minute quarantine for the smartphone to be fully charged. exactly right.Xiaomi Poco F4

For ce qui est de l’autonomie, the smartphone remains a bon également. you don’t have any friends to have two days with mixed use Including apps, social networks, VOD, music and un peu de jeu.

Sur cette section, le Poco F4 at its best donc vraiment bien. If it doesn’t offer the fastest charging or the longest autonomy, everything else is in the haut du panier, a reliable companion for your long journeys.

Module Photo

Le Poco F4 offers the most standards of this type of smartphone. F/1.79 optically stabilized 64 Mpx main camera, 8 Mpx ultra wide angle and f/2 lens offering a 119 degree field of view, triple module photography in the background consisting of 2 and finally infinity 2 Mpx macro sensor, F/ Shoots at 2.4.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Big Angle
main sensor.

At the front, to finish, we look back with the 20 Mpx front camera shooting at f/2.4.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Big Angle
main sensor.

In le dit régulièrement and le répète, some of them were the first tests passed, on the other hand, three of the macro catchers that generally offer good quality in the device, et qui ne servent qu’à gonfler les phone features.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Macro
In macro mode.

Pour the starter, interessons-nous au main sensor. En journée, ce dernier also offers fun clichés. The details are as follows: The image is clear and precise, and the colors are true to the unsaturated, unsaturated reality. Equally in the comment Good management of dynamic beach Details are tantalizing at highs where the bass is bright. The rayon you’ll regret, faudra the whole meme note there are three distortions at the image edges.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Macro
In macro mode.

L’ultra-grand-angle dans des des des des de lumières equivalents suggest a balance of harmony or a result for the main receiver. Good management of colours, light and HDR. However, in the center of the plus image, plus some of the details, there is distortion and chromatic aberrations.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Mode Portrait Camera Selfie
In portrait mode – front camera (selfie).

Il vous sera posible également de profiter d’un x2 zoomFully numeric and a fierce recall of the executive director, he chose you to do everything in post production.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Mode Portrait main camera
In portrait mode – capteur arrière principal.

Under bass lumière conditions, the result is on par with the others. Main camera encore dans la majority des cas à satisfaire avec des clichés ébalanced et dont le bruit, dans les zone les plus sombres reste maîtrisé, c’est une tout autre histoire sur l’ultra grand-angle don’t resort des cliches available à Comb The progression of logic is a single unsuccessful trend to try to fix the grain look, pause the clichés, have the best possible overall ensemble of the scene, reduce detail and tear the image. indestructible end.

Xiaomi Poco F4 Ultra Wide Angle
In ultra wide-angle mode.

The macro catcher is loyal to his namesake, chez la concurrence.. Clichés are true without a plus and don’t revolutionize the genre. The mise-en-scene or point area can be used to isolate objects that allow all cheerful images to come to the fore.

The end of the 20 Mpx selfie capture, from the jolly clichés to the image taken to join a camera

Xiaomi Poco F4 Ultra Wide Angle
In ultra wide-angle mode.

front. The existing piquancy, image and detail and basic logic have no effect on the photo, offering a natural result.

Xiaomi Poco F4 x2 digital
Zoom x2 (numeric).

Because of the video, the Poco F4 can only shoot at 4K 60 Fps and offers reusable footage. You can’t get nice videos on this loin d’un flagship like S22 or iPhone 14, but l’oeil. To compensate for unstable small movements, the optical stabilizer is a fait accompli.

Xiaomi Poco F4 x2 digital
Zoom x2 (numeric).

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