epatant and a multivalent mini PC

epatant and a multivalent mini PC

In addition to the MiniAir 11, the Mini IT8 Geekom is a practical and multi-valued miniature computer that, although particularly quiet, advantageously replaces a touring classic in all our daily use.

Are there any jurisdictions that use a PC fixed type round? Switch. De fait, some professions and more, joueurs, one processor can be one big power supply with three high performance, and like the famous RTX Nvidia is a very large processor thermal and an extremely large generation graphics. For most of the classic uses – office, web surfing, lecture video… –, un ordinateur plus humble meat, surtout, plus compact add-on. Nombreux users prefer PCs and portable Mac computers because they are both practical and energy efficient – ​​plus a working benchmark for the most plus days. For more use, in a built-in use, portable and ubiquitous plus nothing: turn off the screen, all the contents, dock the keyboard, detachable or detachable, etc. External monitor to restore ideal comfort.

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The intermediary solution consists of turner vers a. small computer : a miniature computer that lets you take back the advantages of a running PC with a full vrai clavier, a good screen and a big écran – voire deux! – sans prendre tro de place sur un office. Et c’est récisément dans ce domaine curieusement délaissé par les «grandes buildeurs» que s’est spécialisé geekom, a Taiwanese manufacturer that offers to provide mini PCs at the request of Beelink, Nipogi or Minisforum. Certainly, the catalog encore is humble, but the déjà builder is gaining a fine reputation, and after experts, as the Mini IT8 montre le montre le as avons, for quality audio products that leverage serieuse et d’une finition soignée. Pu tester. Avant d’en faire tour, it is appropriate to need this miniature computer not to see the competition. Ailleurs pas comparable dance les deux cas! Sagit, plus modesty, d’un PC compact and pratique, destiné aux tâches du quotidien. Ce qui ne l’empêche pas de se montrer polyvalent…

Geekom Mini IT8: a really small computer

Like the excellent MiniAir 11 (see fig. our test), Mini IT8 surprises him by the tail. Forme presque carrée represents the dimensions of small and small, with a 117 mm larger, 112 mm profond and 45 mm height. If other manufacturers adopt the miniature format, this is the benchmark in a universe of compact computers and other computers with simple names, just like the Mac mini – these small computers are complete with memory and stock. It weighs 573 g, so you can easily garnish as part of the main and importer – the preservatives live in a standard and small protection enclosure.

With these dimensions, the Mini IT8 fits easily in an office, voire à l’arrière d’un ékran – monitor or tv – puisque l’on peut le monter sur un support métallique à la norme VESA – fourni lui aussi en standard – trimmer and dump the cache. Application! In general, like other manufacturers’ mini-computers, the power supply is not integrated: the faut splitter is an external pad of the same type as adapters for portable PCs, obviously four – and that’s because, come next. Rien de gênant dans la mesure or le travail plan of travail peut ainsi rester bien dégagé.

Rien à dire sur la finition. Like the MiniAir 11, the Mini IT8 breathes quality. Boîtier, en plastique noir sur l’extérieur, se révèle parfaitement set and semble fait pour durer. Plus, massive qu’on ne pourrait le croire, l’semble paraît paraît solide : de fait, tout l’intérieur, servant of a chassis metalique également de blinding magnet. Similarly, the lateral ventilation grilles are well sized, ce qui témoigne d’un real soin dans la concept et la réalization, tout come l’assemblage des connectoreurs. Du travail serieux, donc.

Geekom Mini IT8 : a superior and advanced computer

Mini IT8, along with MiniAir 11 – and Mini IT11 have the best physical physical properties from the Geekom family. Historically in many common connections: avant, single award-winning USB-C, d’une award-winning USB 3.2 Gen 2 – or in the form of USB-A classic –, uniform sound and mini-jack stereo – le tout assorti d’un bouton d’ alimentation et d’une diode; On one flange, a connector for an SD memory card and the other, Kensington type antivolt; Finally, win a USB-C award, two other USB 3.2 Gen 2 awards, a Gigabit Ethernet port, an HDMI and a deuxième video mini-type award. display port, plus l’entrée pour l’limentation. C’est beaucoup plus portable PCs! On the other hand, you can directly branch and use two displays at the same time – there are four HDMI cables and a Mini DisplayPort adapter as standard – and only four monitors in a combination of HDMI, DisplayPort and USB-C, which is better than comfortable. On the other hand, as the Mini IT8 is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 compatible module to use a keyboard and a wireless ring on it and free up USB ports for other peripherals. Or use a small USB-A or USB-C hub to multiply the rewards. Apart from that, to complement the interfaces, the Mini IT8 is equipped with a Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) module for seamless communication. Du classic donc.

Details cannot be overlooked, the Mini IT8 is easy to hear. These are faster, the most timid, just quadruple to protect the substrate. When you discover the Ainsi surprise, a secondary internal storage device (mechanical disk or SSD) – a space and a connector for receiving à la norme Sata and au format 2.5 pouces. Here explain the small difference in height difference in MiniAir 11, have all the possibility… Ce n’est pas: quickly and easily solve the minuscule carte mère too, you can have multiple connections to SO- memory format- Dimm DDR4 dual channel, It can route portable devices and a layout for SSD in M.2 NVMe 2280 format. The Mini IT8 is also available in different configurations with 8 or 16 Go Rams and 256 or 512 Go stock. 32 Go de Ram – le maximum autorisé – and 1 To and 2 To en Sata in an SSD NVMe. Clearly, against the beauty of the mini PC and most portable computers, the Mini IT8 is the easiest evolution.

Geekom Mini IT8: a processor with 8 heart core completions

Mini IT88 Au coeur du where I found a processor Intel core i5-8279U. A house generation model – d’où le nom, pour IT, pour 8… 8and ! – et donc un eu ancien – sorti fin 2019, il est encore recorded on 14 nm technology – mais qui possède tout de même quatre cœurs physiques – et huit Thread, which font office of virtual hearts – and it works at 2.4 GHz in normal regime and 4.1 GHz in turbo mode. Ce n’est clairement is a state-of-the-art processor – information Lancer’s belly p 13and generation –, mais il est amplement is sufficient, toutes les tâches courantes, et, surtout, il est compatible avec Windows 11ce qui n’est pass le 7 processor casesand generation. A feature that is guaranteed to be persistent is surtout if memory lives and stock goes up.

Among other processors in this category, the Core i5-8279U delves into the graphical part – a GPUs. Case in point, an Iris Plus 655 utilizing a small portion of memory lives as video memory. It’s a humble circuit – you can do a gourmet action game tour in 4K at 120 images per second! – more than enough to manage the display on multiple displays such as Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) or even 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels, plus 60 Hz toutefois). Write something for an office or graphic use suitable for the Mini IT8 profession.

The other around the Core i5-8279U is a very important energy devientine, c’est sa consommation électrique. This mode is 25 W maximum or maximum – 45 W. Mieux encore, los de nos test, nous avons relevé una consommation réelle de seulement 10 W in the most normal mode – surfing the web, logical desk, lecture video… –, hanging video average 35 W in moments of video conversion. C’est extrêmement faible, et infiniment inférieur aux gross rounds player’s qui engouffrent plusieurs centaines de watts… On the other hand, the Mini IT8 looks particularly discreet in its sound plan: on ne l’entend definitely pas en use basic , and final vent, the processor powerfully when prompted, driverless and autonomous, it only encountered a trio of faible bruit. Encore is details that are enough every day.

Geekom Mini IT8: more adequate with modest performances

Côté performances, get to work and get started, the Mini IT8 can’t compete with real-life competitors – encore une fois, ce n’est pass sa job. The benchmarks for which we published a modest score: 886 points in single-core and 3638 points in multi-core for CPU, and 7806 points in OpenGL for GPU with Geekbench and 8406 points for CPU and 1846 points in 3D with PassMark. Rien de faramineux donc. A Core i5-9400H is equivalent to a Core i5-10200H or a Core i7-1180G7, but recently! Surtout, c’est ampliment en pratique tous les use quotidiens. Car, keys, Mini IT8, can be used by a user: in less than three seconds and in real time on the mountains, make a configuration with a «charge» or a parallel tour between several applications (Web navigator) onglet outlets, office suite, video reader, image retouching software and layout…). Peut même faire tourner des jeux pas trop on gourmands. Of course, personal features (e.g. in the video) logically demand more plus warmth than the competition PC, mais c’est tout : pour l’essentiel, tout est liquide, et c’est tout ce qui race!

This fluidity is not possible from matériel. It’s true that, like other Geekom mini PCs, the Mini IT8 is free with Windows 11 in its Pro version – leave it active – however, start with a «pure» version: no software is pre-installed – les fameux bloatware –, this is an antivirus – Microsoft enough. Du coupe, et c’est un petit or non neglectable, rien ne vient down the system, and iln’y a rien à desinstaller for nettoyer l’ordinateur, contrairement à ce qui se passe avec les PCs de grandes marques, make it up.

Geekom Mini IT8: an ideal mini computer for the home

Finally, the Mini IT8 has a parfaitement contract: it’s compact and has very rich connectivity to bring three quiet, classy peripherals and multi-scenario travelers to the three high-debt lucrative Internet; fluid in daily use: even with continuous use consomme peu d’électricité et ne chauffe pas; Increase the convenience of having a life memory and store it in a room. On le trouve en ligne sur chez des marchands come AmazonCdiscount or Darty, also directly south geecom site. Surtout is currently offering a special price of around 400 Euros on the 16 Go – 512 Go version – less than 100 Euros from the regular price – all with free delivery after Europe and the possibility of «return within 30 days» of dissatisfaction Office or home Installing a very stylish configuration for your computer is nothing but getting the best graphics card!

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