Britney Spears poses without a bra and in a nightgown;  netizens question their sanity

Britney Spears poses without a bra and in a nightgown; netizens question their sanity

Britney Spears Claiming that she is very happy with her marriage to Sam Asghari, the actress recently shared a photo. your wedding day and a video from the party attended by Madonna and Paris Hilton, among other celebrities. And while things seem to be getting better for the 40-year-old singer since being released from her father’s custody, fans aren’t so sure.

Dances she posted on Instagram, eyeliner that fans said made her look like she came from a noisy party, and even her «always home» expression are bad signs for netizens; The artist has more than 41 million followers on Instagram.

Some photos she shared recently in a nightgown show her without a bra and in the public-familiar look: blonde hair and black eyeliner.

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The latest video of Spears dancing at home in a yellow top and dark shorts also gives something to talk about, with some saying this content is nothing to worry about because just one Britney comes out with so much energy. Some question the singer’s sanity.


Britney’s confessions

Spears admitted that she was frightened and felt like a nobody over the 13-year custody her father had over her and her property.

«I’m sharing this because I want people to know that I’m human. I feel victimized after these experiences. And how can I get over it if I don’t talk about it?» In August, her Twitter account was posted on YouTube, where she said she had declined million-dollar interviews to tell her story.

Her father, Jamie Spears, took control of her personal life and finances in 2008 after the singer’s erratic behavior.

“I really don’t even know what I’m doing today but he wouldn’t let me see anyone. Nothing made sense. (…) I had to do everything they told me to. «I don’t remember how they made me feel like nothing. I accepted because I was afraid.»

In the audio recording, the so-called «Princess of Pop» remembers how she never stopped working all this time, even though her situation at the time did not allow her to be at her best: «My performances in Las Vegas were terrible,» he admitted.

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In a broken voice he remembered what had happened before he was admitted to a mental health facility: he refused to do his dance step and the next day they told him he had to be sent there.

«If you don’t go, we’ll go to court, there’ll be a big trial and you’ll lose,» his father had told him that day.

Spears stressed that she didn’t want to talk about it earlier, as it was «incredibly offensive, upsetting and abusive.»

The «Oops!…I Did It Again» singer recently admitted these dark details of her life when she was already a free woman and returned to music with the release of «Hold Me Closer,» a duet with Elton John. It is her first single since the album «Glory» (2016) and her first single since the end of her controversial tutelage.

Britney stays away from her father and sister, saying it hurt her to feel used by her family, and it especially hurt her that her lack of mother’s support didn’t stand up to her or help her find a lawyer. .

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