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A trio of worksheets showing the pretext of the VulkanSceneGraph scene graph sequence for a 3D parler. This is a precedent for developing bonding technologies that allow you to create 3D rasters based on OpenGL and Vulkan. Aujourd’hui, de parlons scene graphics.

Considering the scene, pay attention to the definition of a representative graphic environment on the screen, a scene graphic, a structure that makes up the graphic hierarchy of the different elements of the scene, car representation is especially important.


In practice, it exists in names, which are methods for creating a scene graphic that will adapt to its use. Sous-jacent à scene graphic mixer There is no better example than Call of Duty.

A scene graphic, a light colour, sur lequel suffixed une hiérarchie de noœuds pouvant analyzer des transformations dans l’espace (translations, rotations…), des changesments d’état (couleurs, shader courant…), de la géométrie (simple geometric shapes, love triangles) and other exotic knot types, nous and reviendrons.

Convert scene to screenshot, donc traverser chart profondeur, and appliquer à que visore de nœud la effuer à effective.

For example, when visiting the chart, it will show the 3D API that performs the following actions:

  • apply the m1 matrix
  • Set the property to Rouge Couleur
  • See a globe
  • Remove property color
  • apply the m2 matrix
  • with the color à vert property
  • see a cube
  • Remove property color
  • Enlever conversion m2
  • Enlever conversion m1
  • see a bull

Voyons sitter plus the most detailed advantages lie in the use of scene graphics

geometry hierarchy

A scene builder from transform points that can assist geometric structures has more layers as well as complex transformations of unaided objects. Prenons, for example, a robotic bra: the position of the main bra depends on the position of the shoulder, which also depends on the position of the épaule. Plutôt que d’apliker a transformation complexity à la main qui prendrait en compte tous les coude and l’épaule, il est bien plus simple d’avoir une serial of matrixes d’avoir d’une relative à son parent: le Coude est rattach à l’épaule, et la main au coude. When controlling the rotation or l’épaule level, the transformations are applied in the unifying combination of the matrix and the main movement.

Elimination of invisible geometries

You have the knowledge to learn how to write code, which is the fastest way to execute. Likewise, the fastest geometry is the cell through which the surface passes, and this is not the sont les tôt quels determinant of objects in the aura pas besoin d’écran above the screen. Scene graphics are suitable for certain vehicles.

L’approche générale est, pour chaque noœud, dedeterminer a simple volume that covers it how about enfants? The fields or dimensions you use are aligned on the axes and further calculations are made. At the ensuite le graphe visit: pour chaque nœud enfant de la racine, calculate the intersection of the volume englobant du nœud avec on it frustration, pyramid tronquée representing what the camera can see. If the covering volume is completed in extérieur, le nœud (et par extension tous ses enfants) peut être éliminé. If the volume is englobant, it completes the interior of the frustum, note and tous ses enfants doivent être affichés. S’il est à cheval sur le frustum;

Yield improvement

Optimization of a scene can certainly be an object of life, often the most important concepts, the most important thing is the maximum number of applications against the card graphic. In addition, the point where the charger is most effective is the geothermal devices in the graphics buffers, and the location of the lights, the shading area and the maximum possible time-changing effect in the room.

In Donc Analyzer, plot the transducer and move the combiner to the desired points. For example, to select the shader, select the appropriate shader, group the geometries using the shader, and neither select nor fois.

Knot shader combination

Likewise, if the graph of a noncyclic graph allows plutót qu’un arbre, the same nuda can go through different paths and cannot represent the same object with different transformations (une Forêt qui contient de nombreuses fois le même arbre thought). ) The example of space saving in buffers is allowed to permeate certain formats in the cache.

Combination of geometry nodes

Et bien d’autres

It’s very helpful to talk about encore encore operations or a scene graph.

  • Management of detail levels: one node LOD Avoid a set of enfant plus or more details corresponding to an object, and show the object to match the distance in the camera: Using polygon mils to get a 2px object on the horizon is useless!

  • Selection: From a point on the screen, we can apply inverse transformations and find the list of objects located above the point that allows the user to select an object.

Advanced use of scene graphics

A scene of a modern engine graphic is extraordinarily complex and needs to be named: For example, he will make part of the engine scene in a texture en ayan apliqué des calques or des shaders and ensuite with that texture in the final render, for example pour gérer les ombres or encore les réflexions (for example, consider an object reflected in water). The final screenshot shines with an enhanced texture in the application of the shaders on the screen, for example an example for transitions from night vision networks, Or enter a branch for the person to be around. There are possibilities of four or a series of developments, such as par l’utilization judicieuse de nuds spécialisés, for example the nouds camera, or noeffets carrément de haut niveau, optimisés, et prêts à caused by ombres automatiquement. I work. C’est exactly le ama suivi par Outdoor Scene Graphicand c’est là dessus que nous finirons cette series.

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