Black Friday begins and Cdiscount receives the reward of Xiaomi Mi Watch

Black Friday begins and Cdiscount receives the reward of Xiaomi Mi Watch

Even though the Xiaomi Mi Watch is part of the older generation, it is still a premium connected watch. At the best moment, you can take advantage of a discounted discount.

This year Xiaomi released a new version of its premium connection mode: watch S1. This is not the best result of encore from interesting promotions, donc si you voulez faire une bonne a relationship, il faut se dirigir and versus the old model. And rightfully so, aujourd’hui Mi Watch, toujours are also nice, presque in everyday use moiti prix.

Strengths of Xiaomi Mi Watch

  • They are AMOLED displays with Always-On.
  • They are self-sufficient in just 16 days.
  • Functional names, such as sport and santé

Xiaomi Mi Watch (beige) now available for 149 euros seulement in promotion at 79 Euro Cdiscount.

If the offer mentioned in this article for the bundle is no longer available, thank you for the ci-dessous blow to remove other promotions related to Xiaomi Mi Watch. The table starts automatically.

Où acheter la

xiaomi mi watch or the meilleur price?

Neither charge nor rate all houses

If the competition proposes the perfect wearables for the practice of functionality, it’s a default to refute the following: autonomy. Most effectively, a mountain link will increase your attractiveness and give you the capacity to recharge all the land in your bed, you will be able to analyze and analyze your votes in just one night. ave la my watchYou won’t be able to do that thanks to the 460mAh battery. The accumulator certainly does not offer a three-large capacity, but thanks to the optimization name, the Xiaomi smartwatch can be used for 16 days with standard use, 22 days with «ultra-long autonomy» mode, and 50 hours with hanging. I have GPS enabled, checked.

In the works, after a week of use of our test, restore the l’Always-On 70% without configuring, then the assembly can have additional quadruple additional times with this function enabled. I don’t think that the 16 days announced by Xiaomi does not concern the use of qu’une without the screen Always On and the active qu’avecce mode, l’autonomie pass à environ une semaine – this remains an excellent score for harmony. For recharging, the Xiaomi fournit has a magnetic base that can switch the mount from 0% to 100% in about 1 hour 30.

All functional features santé and sport sont là!

This mountain link can be a catch bowl to increase efficiency in the porteur. Mi Watch can also measure heart rhythm, blood oxygenation level (SPO2), sleep quality, stress level or energy level. In line with notifications and other messages, the names of information about your health appear directly on the 1.39 pouce circular OLED display, but there is analysis for the Mi Wear app (available on Android and iOS) plus an ensuite passer for poussées. .

Plus sports and sports showing that the Xiaomi connected monitor is an excellent coach. There are currently 17 basic activities, en passant par la marche en outer au yoga, le triathlon, l’escalade ou jusqu’à la nage en eau libre — car étanche jusqu’à 5 ATM —, mais il est possible de rajouter 8 danses , There are 6 outdoor sports or 14 marine sports on this list. Please note that it is possible to parameterize the mount so that it automatically detects what you are initiating a drag. If the GPS integration is correct, GPS integration, which normally offers precise tracking of mountain links, can be used with GPS on the smartphone.

pour encore encore plus Our complete test of the Xiaomi Mi Watch.

8 /10

xiaomi mi watch

Black Friday 2022: ne ratez pas les meilleures offers!

Joyful Black Friday It hasn’t officially kicked off because the event’s release date will go on sale on November 25, but most e-commerceers in d’ores et déjà are starting to share the best deals with the signature Black Week sign, before nom donné à la semine qui noir. Voice Black Friday deals Leave them accessible in French e-commerce.

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