Attention, données qui volent les applis verolees

Attention, données qui volent les applis verolees

Android has fake VPN! These malicious apps contain spyware that is accused of stealing multiple personalities and you understand SMS and instant messaging.

No matter how far back you are now, the Internet is full of great dangers! All the time, new threats become visible, filling regulators or cell phones. The pirates doubled down on the Internet’s Black March at monnayent cher sur le monnayent cher sur le monnayent qui se données staffles and felt no pangs of conscience. ESET Cybersecurity Files Vienna has launched a new campaign that is currently active and removes sensible information to spy on real and hand gestures of Android users. This system, which was launched by the hacker group Bahamut APT in January, involves infecting mobile phones with the help of faulty applications that cannot pass through the computer. vpn legitimate. In reality, they contain spyware flying off the names of non-staff… and dance files. SMS and instant messaging apps!

Fake VPN: Android apps infected with spyware

Bahamut APT is a group of paid hackers well connected with cybersecurity services, who usually launch attacks to hack messages. phishing and also fauss applications. Généralement, ciblent for organizations and specific groups, surtout in Moyen-Orient and Asie du Sud – Europe’s largest center in ligne de mire dance. You can’t have a specific political domestic policy as an argument that you can reverse customers.

Les chercheurs d’ESET discovered a fake website called TheSecureVPN[.]com – qui n’a bien évidemment rien à voir avec le vrai SecureVPN – four anonymous apps Android download one. A All good, fake VPN – versions open in daily releases – SoftVPN or the last basics on SoftVPN OpenVPNThese legitimate apps help turn hackers into malicious code that activates malware – a technique Bahamut has used in the past. Technique, three smart cars, installation, no malware, this app has trouble getting past the security defense. The victim enters an activation key to use VPN functions, which activates spyware buffers.

Malware Bahamut : les voleurs de données

Technically speaking, it is a fact that there is a campaign at ESET that annoys the victims, especially a large number of them. «La campagne semble être très ciblée, car nous ne voyons no instance dans nos données de télémétrie»explain Lukáš Štefenko, un deux chercheurs. «Also, the app requires an activation key in advance to be able to use the VPN and spyware functions. The activation key and the link on the Website are probably sent to aux utilisateurs ciblés.» Apps not available on Play Store – c’est bien la premiere fois – victims are sent to the fake site via electronic couriers, SMS, instant messaging or social networks.

Once the application is activated, hackers can remotely control the virus. Ils n’ont alors plus qu’à s’infiltrer et à se servir. The main purpose is to fly all possible sensitive contacts such as contacts, SMS messages, phone days, image overlay, information (Internet connection type, IMEI, IP, SIM serial number), registered phone apps, list of installed apps. registered accounts and a list of files in an external storage. Profiting from accessibility entitlements can be one of the most critical points in mastering SafeNots and files, modified messages from popular messaging apps. signal, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Calls & Chat and Conion. All données are sent to a local données base because they are servants of the Commande et de Contrôle. Downloading apps in the mobile boutique is primitive – not enough for viruses and piracy –, encore plus lorsque l’appareil émet un avertissement à l’ Installation.

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