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Iphone Ecran Noir De La Mort ? Edit Comments Easily

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Dead screen screen is one of the problems with backup devices of iPhone. Lorsqu’s iPhone is a screen of death issue, the screen can then do anything to avoid tapping extra buttons and trying different balance actions. The functions of iPhone touch and work sons like dark screens and all backgrounds on screen to render iPhone useless.

Unfortunately, what caused iPhone screen to turn off and comment to fix the problem? This article reviews the answers to the questions and shows you how you can improve the display of the iPhone screen. Plongeon dedans.

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Want to lose your iPhone’s life?

Here are the possible causes of the death toll on your iPhone:

1. Material problem

The most common cause of iPhone screen turning off is a material problem. If you already have a default in iPhone material components, your iPhone may develop a black screen. This product is a real gift for accidentally smashing your iPhone. In addition, if you have never turned on the iPhone, stop turning off the device’s screen.

2. Problem with software

If it is not a problematic material, it is also problematic in terms of logic. Logical issues prevent iOS from failing screen of death developer iPhone. When you reinstall your iOS log environment or it is not active in the device’s logical log, it may cause iPhone screen to turn off.

Other possible causes of a black screen on iPhone include a drained battery, an app issue, or a screen broken. Advocate that we know possible causes of iPhone screen. Voyons les solutions.

Sing three meilleure façons to fix iPhone’s mort noir de kran noir issue:

1. Force reset your iPhone

If the iPhone is not responding to a button or command and does not show that it is black, a «forced reassembly» may fix the problem. You can use it to “force reconfigure” devices, apps, and reconfiguration forces. Cela can fix malicious problems and logic problems on the original iPhone screen.

Voici commentary on «forced remarriage» of an iPhone:

For iPhone 8 and latest plus series:

  • Appuyez and immediately release the «Volume up» button.
  • Press and quickly release the “Press Volume” button.
  • Long press the “Power/Side” button when the Apple logo is displayed on your iPhone screen.

iphone black screen

For iPhone 7 series:

  • Long press the «Power/Side» and «Volume Down» buttons on your iPhone at the same time.
  • Keep the two buttons on while the Apple logo plays on the iPhone’s screen.

charge iphone

For iPhone 6 series and older models:

  • Extend the “Power” button and “Home” button at the same time according to the screenshot of Apple logo.

iPhone after 2014

pro council: The Apple logo is in the screenshot of Apple, covering the edge of the iPhone and removing the screen from the mort and screen.

2. Use iTunes to restore iPhone

Another way to fix black screen problem on iPhone is to restore your iOS appearance with the help of iTunes. This method is a method of solving mort screen causing logic problems and other malicious logic problems. As part of the Données, you can’t use a method where you can get into the car.

pro council: Save your gifts and important files in iCloud versus iPhone before restoring the phone with the help of iTunes.

Audio commentary using iTunes to fix iPhone screen as dark:

  • Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac using a Lightning cable or USB cable.
  • Tap and release the “Volume up” button on the cover of your iPhone.
  • Tap and release the “Volume down” button on the cover of your iPhone. You will notice that the “Connect to iTunes” message is at the top of the screen.
  • Long press the “Power/Side” button when the Apple logo is displayed on the iPhone screen.
  • Wait for iPhone to enter “recovery mode”. This product, you can choose «Drinking during the day» option on Windows PC or Mac.
  • If the new Mise à Jour iOS is available, click below for Mettre à Jour Votre on iPhone. If it is not available on the same day, click on the “Restaurer” option and pay attention that the restoration process is finished.

restore iphone via itunes

pro council: Make sure your iPhone is connected during the whole process. If your iPhone is disconnected, you need to reconnect it and restart the process from step 1.

An iPhone has been restored with the help of iTunes, the screen off issue is back from the dead.

3. Final solution to repair black iPhone iPhone with system recovery FoneGeek iOS

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery There is a logical link to repair the redirectable screen of death. If other methods in this list don’t work, FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Will be. The software can solve and understand iPhone software troubleshooting iPhone black death, reset screen of death, iPhone screen and iPhone without pass, Face or Touch ID. This is a unique solution for all iPhone problems and the software is easy to use.

Voice functions of logical classes:

  • Discard standard and advanced mode to fix iOS system problems without données.
  • The software is easy to use and offers a one-click option to enter an iPhone from «Recovery Mode» and sort it out.
  • I can fix over 200 iTunes problems.
  • You will be able to reset your iPhone without pass, Face ID or Touch ID.
  • It offers all iPhone models and iOS version for free.

Audio commentary fix iPhone dark screen with the help of FoneGeek iOS System Recovery:

1. Download and install the software on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch the Ensuite software and select «Mod standard».

14 1

2. Connect your iPhone to your PC using a Lightning cable or USB cable.

3. Check if your iPhone is detected. If iPhone is not detected, you need to put it into “recovery mode or DFU” for it to be detected.

16 2

Comment on an iPhone in “DFU or Recovery Mode”: Quickly press the “Volume up” button and then press the “Volume down” button. Press the “Power” button ensuite, which appears on the screen as devienne noir. Keep tapping the “Power” button when the Apple logo and “Connect to iTunes” message appear on the iPhone screen.

  1. Once the iPhone is detected, download the required “Firmware Package” for your iPhone.
  2. Start repairing the device handling system. To do this, click on the “Repairer maintenance” option and join.

18 1

The software will tell you that the iPhone’s exploit system has been fixed. One, did you get the notification, check if the black screen is hit with death.

point: If “Standard Mode” does not solve the problem, try “Advanced Mode”.


In summary, screen of death can affect your iPhone package as a logic or material issue. If you are solving the problem of dark on the screen, do not bother you. Simply remove the iPhone’s video card using the methods described in this article. If the methods don’t work, try FoneGeek iOS system recovery. For more tips and solutions for iPhone problems, see other articles on the website.

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