The world's most aerodynamic electric car is Chinese and can reach 480 kW of charging power - News - Hybrids and Electrics

The world’s most aerodynamic electric car is Chinese and can reach 480 kW of charging power – News – Hybrids and Electrics

One of the signatures of Aion electric cars Chinese consortium GAC. As such, it is one of the most advanced models in terms of technology, and the proof of this is the last model they introduced at the 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show. Aion Hyper GTand it is the car with the best aerodynamics in the world (electric or not).

As announced by the brand itself, the Hyper GT comes standard with a drag coefficient of just 0.19 Cx. One of the solutions that allows this strange electricity to reach such an efficiency level is the so-called «Wind Blade Gridan active aerodynamic system that allows the lower part of the front bumper to open at a given speed to reduce drag.

Currently, electric cars with the best aerodynamics are at the top of the market and are seen as a direct competitor among them all. Lucid Air has a Cx 0.21, Tesla Model S 0.208 and Mercedes-Benz EQS 0.20in other words, the Chinese model surpasses them all by far.

The Aion Hyper GT is still a concept model.

However, there are two more models worth mentioning, as they exceed the Hyper GT’s aerodynamic coefficient. On the one hand, there’s the Lightyear 0, which has just announced a Cx of 0.175 Cx, but it’s a car that remains to be seen if it finally reaches production. On the other hand, he already has the discontinued Volkswagen XL1 and the 0.189 Cx, but truth be told, this small model was a very cohesive sports car with a radical take on a limited edition only.

However, it should be noted that the Aion Hyper GT is still on the market. concept stage, Its arrival is not expected to change much, given the organic nature of its design and the brand’s announcement that it is working on a production version scheduled to launch in the Chinese market in the second half of 2023. on the streets

New Aion Hyper GT.2
At least, the dimensions of the Aion Hyper GT, which will be a sedan in the D segment, have not been detailed.

Technically, the Aion Hyper GT is based on a new proprietary architecture for electric cars called AEP3.0 that can support it. Charging power up to 480 kW, an excessive number that should translate into ridiculous load times. However, the manufacturer did not specify at what nominal voltage this architecture works.

As for the spec sheet, the most basic configuration would be to have a rear engine. 340 PS (250 kW) and 434 Nm of torqueIt will allow you to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in about 4 seconds. There will also be versions with dual electric motors, but the details of these are reserved for now. There is no information on autonomy or battery capacity either, but they have stated that it is designed for battery swapping platforms.

Another thing to be aware of is their external measurements, which will determine who their competitors will be. If we take into account the proportions demonstrated by the prototype and put them in context according to the size of the wheels, it is likely a direct competitor for electric cars. Mercedes-Benz EQE.

New Aion Hyper GT.2
A large interior display is appreciated in the Aion Hyper GT.

It goes without saying that the technological load will prevail in the Hyper GT. Judging by the images available, there is a large central touchscreen as well as a driver display mounted quite close to the windshield. It is also skilled in the field of driving assistance, as it has numerous sensors such as cameras, radar, LiDAR and infrared sensors mounted on the front bumper, mirrors, fenders and roof.

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