Mexican Academy of Cinematography faces 'serious financial crisis'

Mexican Academy of Cinematography faces ‘serious financial crisis’

this Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (amacc) paused and delayed the call, revealing that the country responsible for the dissemination, research, preservation, development and defense of cinema was going through a «serious financial crisis». Ariel Award 2023.

Ariel, highest award film inside Mexican and it recognizes the talents of Mexican filmmakers in different professions and disciplines, delivered each year. industry cinematographic.

In a statement by the Presidency, amaccactress Leticia HuijaraHe reiterated that the institution is «going through a serious financial crisis».

Last October, during the last annual delivery Ariel AwardsHuijara had warned that the Academy was going through «tough times financially» and announced that «certain measures» would be taken.

now representative sector officially announced that it has decided to suspend both the search and registration processes for Ariel Award 2023until further notice».

In the note, Amacc denounced the (Mexican) State, which was the engine and support of the US movement. academy for a long time «has given up its responsibility to be the main promoter and dissector of culture in general, cinema in particular», priorities have changed and with the seventh art it seems that culture is no longer a priority.

«Despite its 76 years of existence and the political will that the academy has laid its foundations in its new term under the maestro presidency, we are saddened. Jorge FonsThe support of public resources has decreased significantly in recent years.»

this amacc He recalled that it is a non-profit civic association (AC) dedicated to promoting the dissemination, research, conservation and advocacy of cinema Mexican development of the union from an inclusive and pluralistic perspective that engages in dialogue with all sectors.

“Over the next few months academy It will seek to reorganize its efforts through its different commissions, but above all to rebuild the financial situation of the organization, to provide viability and financial certainty to the academic activities and delivery carried out throughout the year. arielpointed to the note.

Facing this crisis AMACC He urged all sectors to «close ranks around the institution», strengthen cohesion within the union, and continue to advocate for free and independent reflection on Mexican cinema, as well as strengthening these and other spaces.

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