Mathematical genius Caroline Ellison, who could be imprisoned for her life

Mathematical genius Caroline Ellison, who could be imprisoned for her life

A few weeks ago, FTX was the second largest listed company. cryptocurrencies the world’s largest. According to ‘BBC Mundo’, they also admitted that they owed $1,450 million to their 10 main creditors until they declared bankruptcy last November.

Although initially the reasons for the bankruptcy were not known, they gradually took their names and surnames. Between them, Caroline Ellison, former CEO of Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading firm, was founded in 2017 by Sam Bankman-Fried, founder and former chairman of FTX.

Ellison, 28, pleaded guilty to two counts of electronic fraud, conspiracy for two counts of electronic fraud, conspiracy for commodity fraud, conspiracy for securities fraud, and conspiracy for money laundering. Here are seven crimes that could make him worthy of 110 years in prison and possible penalties of millions of dollars, according to Reuters.

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In parallel, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused Ellison and Gary Wang, mathematicians who left Google to co-found FTX with Bankman-Fried, to manipulate the company’s internal cryptocurrency, mislead investors and misappropriate the assets of FTX clients. blamed. .

As part of their scam, we claim that Caroline Ellison and Sam Bankman-Fried are planning to manipulate the price of FTT, a crypto security token exchange that is an integral part of FTX, to increase the value of the card house. The SEC drew attention in a statement on its website.

After collaborating with the US Southern District Attorney’s Office of New York, Ellison and Wang had to bail $250,000 – just over a billion Colombian pesos – to be released.

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Who is Caroline Ellison?

Long before Caroline Ellison became executive director of Alameda Research – as described in various US media – she was «extremely brilliant» and a mathematical genius. The 28-year-old woman, born in New York, graduated from Stanford University.

For March 2018, Ellison started working at the quantitative trading firm Jane Street. It was here that she met the person who would change her destiny: Sam Bankman-Fried. currently charged with eight crimes in the United States – one more than Caroline. These include money laundering, electronic fraud, securities fraud and campaign finance breach.

Bankman-Fried joined Alameda Research, making an offer that was too tempting for Ellison to refuse. “I thought, ‘Wow, that sounds pretty exciting. I mean, I really like Jane Street. Leaving was a very difficult decision», the former managing director admitted in an interview with ‘Forbes’ magazine in October 2021.

The merger of Ellison and Bankman-Fried is now the subject of investigation by US courts, as they are accused of participating in the million-dollar fraud that led to bankruptcy and disrepute set up a few weeks ago. as the second largest cryptocurrency exchange company in the world.

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