The Walking Dead: The true destiny Father Gabriel will have in the series

The Walking Dead: The true destiny Father Gabriel will have in the series

With the end of The Walking Dead, Seth Gilliam, the actor of Gabriel’s father, reacted to the sad story of his character, making it one of the most tragic and unexpected events on the show.

actor walking Dead, Seth GilliamIn the series finale, Gabriel shared his reaction about the end of his father’s life and the difficult journey he took with his character. In the final season, the survivors battled the Commonwealth, a huge rotting society trying to rebuild the world before the apocalypse. Gabriel and the heroes initially believed this place could serve as a fresh start, but the discovery of a brutal class system and corrupt leaders led to a showdown throughout the show.

The Walking Dead: Seth Gilliam Shares His Reaction To The End Of His Character

in an interview Seth Gilliam He shared his opinion about it. end of series walking DeadIntroducing the audience to Father Gabriel. Gilliam talked about how important it is as an actor to have great moments that audiences will remember in any project. On the other hand, Gilliam mentioned that when it is necessary to interpret these very important moments, there are some doubts due to the importance of the character’s journey and the fear of not being able to be interpreted correctly.

«It was very exciting, humbling, and a little scary. In everything you do, you want to have decisive moments that people remember, that are always part of the story, and that can’t be skipped. But when you do, you wonder.

character Seth Gilliam It has been one of the longest in the series. walking Dead unlike the comic book version. In the comic by Robert Kirkman, Father Gabriel dies of cowardice when he trips over the ladder of a water tower while trying to warn his group of the approaching Whispering army.

Gabriel, trapped in the water tower and died facedown, watching as Beta (in the series) ryan rush) slit his throat and gutted him so that those who approached could feast with the poor priest. Fortunately for Seth Gilliam, the series walking Dead of the AMC He let this character live to the fullest by sending him down a completely different and far more rewarding path.

The Walking Dead: Rosita’s Death and Gabriel’s Fate

Gabriel survived the entire series, surviving his death in the comics, and lived to see his long-awaited redemption. After being introduced in the fifth season of the walking Dead As a cowardly priest who locks himself in his church and leaves his followers to die outside, Father Gabriel embarks on a journey that leads to one of the best character developments in the series.

Although he survived, in the last moments walking Dead lost his wife Rosita (Christian Serratos), in scenes that made all the audience cry when he started to say goodbye to everyone. The last to speak to him was Eugene (Josh McDermitt), who was the person who knew him the longest and entered the program at the same time as him?

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