Le Game Pass Ultimate vous rapportera (one peu) plus d'euros in 2023

Le Game Pass Ultimate vous rapportera (one peu) plus d’euros in 2023

news jeu Le Game Pass Ultimate vous rapportera (one peu) plus d’euros in 2023

Do you own an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S? Have you seen Game Pass Ultimate? Will you aim to earn points that convert into euros in the Microsoft Store to buy games, accessories or consoles? A new sound that might interest you. The Redmond firm has announced an evolution of the Microsoft Rewards formula; they are a loyalty program that rewards zealous fans with clé (un petit peu) plus reporter points.


  • The program where you are happy with children Microsoft Rewards
  • Jouez plus pour gagner (un peu) plus

The program where you are happy with children Microsoft Rewards

Launched on Xbox platforms after many years, the Xbox loyalty program was renamed Microsoft Rewards in 2018; It is a free program that rewards players for daily activities, weekends and menswear. The main thing is simple, get points back by clicking on the bars or completing the Game Pass details (reuse x zombies in State of Decay 3, collect one batch in Super Mega Baseball 3, etc.). Petit à petit accumulates ces points and can also be converted into cartes-cadeaux des cartes-cadeaux in real euros of different values. Your ensuite bathroom can decide how to open the jewelry, accessories or association donnnants.

Great America stop manière don’t sont changes attributed to points to join January 2023. C’est par l’intermediaire d’un tweet of Daniel Martins, de la fidélization chz Xbox marketing officer, fans of que le la marque au gros “xTap on ” Innovation. “Une que vous remarquerez, c’est qu’en vous anmusant aux jeux du Chose Game Pass, you will get encore plus cashback” on Twitter promet-il.

Jouez plus pour gagner (un peu) plus

Changes to Game Pass’s core elements represent the surtout of deux éléments. The first impression of the reporter makes some points. In 2023, in hebdomadaires les les hebdomadaires, which demand in-game quests to be effective, it’s not as difficult as quêtes à la été revue à la house. Quest plupart des précédentes prenaiente antre deux and une demi-heursies is a faulty computer for the proposed quest in Black Desert this week (collects 20,000 Skilled Mercenary Swords for 250 points). L’autre évolution vient de la carte Vétéran is the ultimate reward that gives a bonus of cells and ceux points for completing max missions from 1,000 points to 500. «Oui, I named it baisse”Agrees Daniel Martins. “Regardless, for the permanence of points, there are maximum points used and sufficient points for identity or senior entitlements.” ajoute-t-il.

To understand the responsible descriptions of the reliable program, sorting the calculation fails. i place it Xboxsquad.fr I determined that an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber would receive less than 1,825 points per month (23,015 points per year) versus 1,805 points (21,995 points per year) in the previous month. Cela says they’re based on annual points, with Game Pass pluses about… one plus euro for 2022 (1,020 points). The rest is something celebs are patronized by big bosses and hard to raise armies of disillusioned fans. For connectivity, the Microsoft Rewards loyalty program requires no commitments or additional fees. Sufficient documentation to ensure Porter earns bonus points.

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