Fortnite returning to iPhone in 2023?  Epic Games boss Pourquoi and croit

Fortnite returning to iPhone in 2023? Epic Games boss Pourquoi and croit

The boss of Epic Games is happy to bring Fortnite back to iOS and iPhone in 2023. Showcasing this passion, two of his tweets bring together Apple’s alternatives to automatically switching app stores on the App Store.

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Banni from App Store after 2020, Fortnite monetize on iOS and iphone dans un avenir is relatively long. C’est en effet ce que laisse assez articulates Tim Sweeney. The patron of Epic Games, the studio that developed the famous battle royale game, posted two tweets in support of his ambitions.

« L’annee prochaine on iOS » writes in the first message published on December 31, 2022. On January 1, 2023, he will respond to the same message with a screenshot of Fortnite’s peut apercevoir où l’on l’on. 2023 » Do an AI dance in ciel.

—Tim Sweeney (@TimSweeneyEpic) January 1, 2023

It doesn’t take any of the residents of 221B Baker Street in London to realize that Tim Sweeney has volunteered to restart Fortnite on iPhone in 2023.

Take advantage of alternatives in the App Store

These two tweets from Tim Sweeney may not be more important than the right days, leaving a definite plan to complete Fortnite’s return to iPhone. However, its epic guardian states that it is related to the ainsi qu’il suit de près les dernières révélations. iOS recommendation to App Store alternatives. In reality, Apple automatically reintroduces store alternatives to rival app stores. The look of the best side of iOS allows Cupertino company, which is in line with the future of the European Union, to enforce conditions and conditions to regulate plate formats, as well as positive co-developers.

Fortnite is a sandbox to use iOS apps and apps and download the game via the Epic Games Store. C’est d’ailleurs déjà ce qui se fait sur Android où Install apps in Play Store very easily and simply.

For Rappel, the Fortnite ban on the App Store extends to 2020. On all transactions, Apple intervenes after offering these in-app chats, around a 30% prélevée commission. This constitutes a violation of californien state policy. S’en est suivi une longue bataille juridique and media entre les deux parties.

L’espoir d’une vraie victoire contre Apple

The masters of this conflict, Epic Games Restarted Notification Regarding Certain Regulations Use Apple in the App Store. Developers can effectively integrate app credits and eliminate commission for transacting in Apple’s currency. Whatever happens, il s’agissait d’une victory and demi-teinte for Tim Sweeney Apple is obliged to prove its monopoly status, to accept store alternatives together.

Or, avec la pression mise par l’UE sur Apple, Tim Sweeney — who never bury the hache de guerre — voit enfin une crier victory opportunity. Chosen for the best in the world: If you want alternative store writing on iPhone, Epic Games whenever and wherever.

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