These AR frames in Micro LED voudraient that will replace smartphones

These AR frames in Micro LED voudraient that will replace smartphones

TCL offers AR frames equipped with micro LED visual guides. They can open photos, let you listen to music, read via GPS device, receive notifications and apps. Well, mais, ce ne serait pas tout ce que fait un a smartphone or presque?

if you talk television Impact technology is TCL’s half bien loin. Chinoise firm provides an integrated encore for the technology premiere Micro LEDs à des lunettes connect de reality boostée.

En Clair, il s’agit bien de lunettes au sens traditional du terme puisqu’il est posible de voir à travers. On top of that, the TCL RayNeo X2 combines a binocular display with a color Micro LED optical guide. They are also part of new interactive functions.

Same as Oculus Quest 2

One of the functionalities on paper plus it temporarily lacks the possibility of traduire theories and offers suggestions for an ongoing single language speaker. Lunettes is a theory with the ability to detect the language of the proposed language, traduire and d’afficher.

Clairement demonstrates that the flagship is the flagship equivalent of the product gammes, a true showcase technology advances at its best. Retrouve the traditional XR2 tradition developed by Qualcomm, identical to the réalité réalité virtuous casques de réalité Oculus Mission 2 or hill 4. Enable real-time insertion of UI elements.

GPS, photos, music and notifications… a vrai smartphone sur bout du nez

A GPS device is also integrated into an intelligent navigation system that simultaneously provides localization and cartography or increases the recognition of title deeds. A Bluetooth connection lets you receive your messages and call them all silently.

Ideal for embellishing an integrated device photo with master libraries that allow clichés, videos and videos time out, le tout à la first person. There may be a mode where you cannot import your smartphone every day. Les lunettes also offers to take the place of you écouteurs in «secretly» spreading the music, we promise TCL.

Which uses?

Meet all the new products, convenient to question the emerging uses at the exit. Now, TCL is climbing back a few steps and launching a development project for the first quarter of 2023 to invite developers to believe in the functionality. TCL also promises «an AR jeux et original series developed by our team».

The commercial launch of the TCL RayNeo X2 will accompany those who announce the end of this development phase. You have no idea about the product price at the moment.


In addition to this application product, in addition to the bezels presented at TCL America in dual-screen portable Micro OLED, TCL NXTWEAR can be considered outstanding hunting tools at IFA 2022 in September. They will be available in Europe from the first quarter of 2023 for 499 euros.

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