comment Microsoft forces Unis ana des États-Unis

comment Microsoft forces Unis ana des États-Unis

Redmond firm, montrée prête à en découdre outdoors during the prête preview of the process opposing the FTC and Microsoft.

Major licenses from Activision Blizzard // Source: Klobrille

Après les fetes de fin d’année, I Blizzard Activision Feuilleton for Microsoft the scolding is also plus the belle. In December, the American government announced through the FTC Bring Microsoft to justice and block the rachat project.

Lawyers for both parties involved in the qui doit s’ouvrir trial on August 2, 2023, even as Chappell’s judge is meeting for a pre-audience to discuss the case. Microsoft’s endorsements do not allow for clarification of strategy.

Boucler le rachat sans l’accord des États-Unis

As the mediator, son of lawyer Beth Wilkinson, Microsoft has announced that it hopes to get a validation for the European Union and the Royaume-Uni Union. With these verifications in hand, the firm will be ready to consult the table of negotiations with the FTC to reach an agreement.

Attorney James Weingarten, representing the FTC lors de l’événement, noted how important the memorandum of understanding is and that the discussion is en ce sens n’était enours.

More importantly, the lawyer told Judge Chappell that if an agreement is not found but confirmed as rachat partout ailleurs dans le monde, Microsoft This is an environment that is done without the agreement of the FTC and worsens processes down the road.

Microsoft will start the process on August 2, 2023, Microsoft can count on a cluster from July 18, 2023, the date limit was set in January 2022 before the FTC’s decision.

A risky par for Microsoft

Microsoft’s security measures are once again firmly compromised. A large security assurance is shown inside a solid file. In reality, if the process issue (to replace in 2024 or the latest) is negative, Microsoft will have to disband the Activision Blizzard group, which has passed the aura of integrating strategy.

Forcing the foundation of the FTC

It is most likely that Microsoft will meet with the FTC in a stalemate. Ajourd’hui, le process lanzé FTC ne bloque pass le rachat, c’est ce qui permet à annoncer qu’il bouclera son Project sans l’États-Unis s’il le euhaite.

If Microsoft follows this path, the FTC is likely to seek injunctive relief from a federal judge to block clôture du rachat. Chappell, to stand trial as director of the FTC, is one type of transaction to move the Federal Subsidiary. Following lawyers specializing in the field, FTC aurait de bien plus faibles de chance remporter une victoire au fédéral.

Microsoft is well aware of these variables and announces that a clôture du rachat semble is the most effective solution to force the federal transition in the most attractive way possible.

L’Europe or the center of attention

Toutes ces hypothèses découlent d’une timeline The European Union and Royaume-Uni validate the business project, with or without Microsoft’s negotiations. Plus que jamais, les, se portent donc sur les deux décisions Europeennes.

The British CMA will publish its first guidelines in the coming days, until January 2023. The deadline for the European Commission is set for 11 April 2023.

Une fois ces deux connues resolutions, l’avenir du actision d’Activision Blizzard par Microsoft apparaitra beaucoup plus clearly.

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