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They reveal details of their accident as they try to save a car stuck in the snow.

The player was seriously injured Jeremy Renner The Reno police chief said the pain he suffered while driving a tractor to rescue a car stuck in snow on a private mountain road near Lake Tahoe was the result of a «tragic accident.»

The 51-year-old «Avengers» star was seriously injured when a family member was hit by a snowmobile tractor to recover a vehicle driven by a family member who was stuck 3 feet (90 centimeters) in fresh snow on New Year’s Day. , Washoe County Police Chief Darin Balam said on Tuesday.

Balam told reporters that an investigation is still ongoing, but there is no indication that another person was involved, malicious act or that Renner was disabled at the time of the crash on Sunday morning.

«At this point in the investigation … we consider this a tragic accident,» the sheriff said. «He was a great neighbor and shoveled snow off those roads for his neighbors.»

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How is Jeremy Renner?

The accident left Renner in critical but stable condition, with chest and orthopedic injuries, according to a broadcaster and representatives of the chief of police, who said Renner was taken by medical helicopter to a Reno hospital about 25 miles (40 kilometers) away.

Around the same time reporters met with Balaam on Tuesday, Renner posted a photo of her in a hospital bed on Instagram and a message with a typo.

“Thank you so much for your nice words,” he said. «I’m too sick to write, but I send my love to everyone.»

Balam said that Renner used his 7-tonne Pistenbully tractor to tow another vehicle that was stuck in snow on a private road he shared with his neighbors.

“After successfully pulling his personal vehicle out of the jam, Mr. Renner got off (from his tractor) to talk to his family member,” Balaam said. “Pistenbully started to move, and to stop him, Mr. Renner tried to get back into the driver’s seat. That’s when he was shot.»

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Mechanical error?

The sheriff said the tractor was confiscated and examined by investigators for «any mechanical faults and why it started to go away».

«I was helping someone who was stranded in the snow,» Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve told the Reno Gazette-Journal Monday night. The mayor says he and the actor are friends and connects Reno to Lake Tahoe on Mt.

Photo: AP.

«He always helps others,» the mayor told the newspaper.

Reno rescuers took more than 30 minutes to cross several miles of snowy road to reach Renner, Balaam said on Tuesday.

About 20 vehicles were abandoned on the highway, which slowed the response of firefighters and ambulances by falling 3 feet (90 centimeters) of snow throughout the night.

A broadcaster for Renner said on Monday that the actor suffered chest trauma and orthopedic injuries while in critical but stable condition in the intensive care unit after undergoing surgery at a Reno hospital.

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Renner stars as Hawkeye, a sniper archer on the Avengers superhero team in the sprawling Marvel Cinematic and TV universe.

Balam said the two Oscar-nominated actors were honorary assistants to the sheriff of Reno for their role in the «Shopping with the Sheriff» program, which raises money for kids in the county to buy Christmas gifts.

«He’s been very generous in the community,» the sheriff said.

Renner received back-to-back Oscar nominations for «The Hurt Locker» and «The Town.» He became famous for his role as a soldier specializing in bomb disposal in Iraq in the movie «The Hurt Locker», which was released commercially in 2009 after its 2008 Venice Film Festival release.

In 2012, «The Avengers» solidified him in Marvel’s ambitious projects. His character has appeared in several sequels and has his own series «Hawkeye» from Disney +.

«His popularity among Marvel’s men is having a huge impact,» Balaam said on Tuesday.

«Those kids he touched during ‘Shop with the Sheriff,’ I can assure you they will never forget that moment,» he said. «They called him Hawkeye.»


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