Samsung, the screen is flexible and expandable!

Samsung, the screen is flexible and expandable!

Samsung opts for the Flex Hybrid, a tri-compact device with a foldable and expandable screen. When deployed, it provided a diagonal of 12.4 inches. Could there be more uses?

An expandable screenshot in après avoir dévoilé september lors de l’événement informationinformation innovation 2022, SAMSUNG Profitable win from Las at CES VegasVegas pour it and give it to him FlexHybrid. Prototype made flexible with a flexible display capacityaddition Complement. A small two-person device like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 provides a diagonal view of 10.5 bags in a 4:3 ratio.

C’est en tirant sur le côté droit, I will enlarge this diagonal by 12.4 pous to get a 16:10 ratio. There is no equivalent of a large tablet in the disposal process that you can use whenever you want a response. I can imagine that this format would allow me to design a highly portable PC. However, in these cases, keep editing the question of the existence of an ultimate clavier. physicallyphysically affine qu’il ne vienne pas réduire la kran surface.

From origami at Samsung

The constructor should avoid creating an intent. smart phonesmart phone on tablet de grande surface wire can be converted to l’iPad Pro. Arrival at the flexible smartphone game of Samsung smartphones Galaxy Z Fold and Z FlipIf technology allows browser extensions, it’s hard to know if it’s considered an ideal target for the exploiter.

assemble samsung essuie les platesplates for trial. Le Coréen offers two different versions of the expandable screen display in septembre. As in Flex Slidable Solo qui s’agrandit du côté gauche (see article ci-dessous). Another version, the Flex Slidable Duet, has a two-sided display for transitions from 13 to 17.3 inches diagonal.

L’écran Flex Slidable Duet de Samsung, fold and close. ©SamsungDisplay

Samsung celebrates first portable PC with expandable display

Lords de l’événement Intel Intel Innovation de cette année offers an expandable display from Intel and Samsung. You can get a diagonal with 17 vertices. In paradise, this type of innovation can invite portable PCs to expand their full payload.

Article by Sylvain Biget, published September 22, 2022

A screen that I open enlargeComme s’il s’étendait lorsque l’on tire sur audio sides, voici ce qu’Intel and Samsung ont dévoilé lors de l’événement Intel Innovation 2022. The prototype of the coulissant display with 17 cases was presented by Joo-Sun Choi, the protector of Samsung’s screen division. At the edges of the screen, use le cras de la partie gauche coulisse and déroule le crané reste deroule to get a diagonal of 17 squares. The biggest facet of exploitation is the withdrawal of the screen lock for the watchman and shipper. Choose dual partners, screen prototype, preformer de ce que seront les portable PCs of the future. All these are average values ​​regarding the techniques related to the characteristics, the car stops to visually show the entire screen. Imagine that the screen is enroule et se déroule dans le chassis.

The Intel Innovations show showing at the end of 2022 didn’t choose the expandable big screen that can go over 17x. ©Intel,Twitter

No characteristic technique dévoilée

If Intel is beyond Samsung’s adventure, then Coréen qui est à la manoeuvre might surpass the on-screen prototype prototype. Il faut dire qu’il est loin d’être un novice tr art elementart element d’écran can be flexible or elongated. Samsung commercializes its smartphones a few years later after making it available across all of its product lines Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, and l’on est désormais loin du prototype. Mother’s day, les améliorent pliage systems and le prix baisse progression. For Crans qui est des écrans déroulables, le Coréen n’est pas le seul à voir présenté ce innovation type. When they are connected to LG with their smartphone LG Wrapable, plus petite taille certifications. Care, be aware of the type of modèle to make it effectively ‘inviting’.universesuniverses des PC and surtout à quel prix.

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