Cricket news 2023 | Cricket bosses support controversial bowling tactic Mankad

Cricket NSW It was the first government agency to publicly announce its support for Mankad.

In a statement released Thursday, CNSW said the move is both legal and ethical and that match officials and volunteers «should be supported in enforcing the relevant laws of the game».

In an effort to make the rule more acceptable to purists, ICC carried rule addendum covering Mankad last year from the area that covers ‘fair play’ to the area that outlines escape as an export mode.

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Lee Germon, CNSW general manager and former New Zealand Test captain, said any player taking the action would have the full support of the organisation.

“It is both fair and legal for a pitcher to miss a hitter who is trying to gain an unfair advantage by leaving the line before the ball is dropped,” he said.

“There are no two ways around this and we want our players, match officials and volunteers to know that they have our full support in enforcing the laws of cricket in this and every other situation.

“The pressure on match officials, many of whom are great volunteers, to deal with something that is so emotional, is unnecessary.

«The law is clear and we want authorities to feel supported in knowing this and not be pressured by an outdated school of thought.»

Tuesday night, Melbourne Stars captain Adam Zampa found himself in hot water after Mankad attempt. during the BBL clash with their inter-city rivals the Melbourne Renegades.

The incident occurred during the final round of Renegades’ kicks when Zampa tried to finish off Tom Rogers on the non-forward side, after Rogers had backed off too much.

Zampa, a regular of Australia’s T20 side, went through the bowling action and broke the logs on the pitcher’s end, catching Rogers far back from the ground and then calling for the wicket.

However, because the bowling arm crossed the vertical plane, Rogers was not allowed.

Taylor puts emphasis on Mankad

Germon pointed to a column in the Sydney Morning Herald by Greg Baum, who wrote Wednesday: «He is the non-striker who comes close to violating the spirit of cricket in a Mankad. He dares the law. The pitcher is the pitcher.» owns it.”

Germon said he «can’t agree more» and said he believes the term Mankading should be removed from the cricket lexicon.

The term was chosen after Vinoo Mankad beat Australian Bill Brown twice.

“Mankad has since been defamed, but for what? He took the legitimate action to fire a hitter who was trying to gain an unfair advantage.

«Even the great Sir Donald Bradman said there was nothing wrong with what Vinoo Mankad did.»

Germon also said that whether the striker is on his court is something that the third referee – at least at the elite level – should watch.

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