true story of the movie on netflix

true story of the movie on netflix

    When we use the phrase «truth is stranger than fiction,» we sometimes think it’s the most outdated, but it’s so real that it even gives an impression. we saw it Dahmer, out of breath anyone thirteen lives. Netflix specifically wanted to make a compilation that stirs the conscience and captivates the public, and the four-minute standing ovation at the Toronto Festival confirms this. is the story that tells film swimmersPublished on the platform on Wednesday, November 23.

    We explore the drama of two Syrian sisters, Yusra and Sarah Mardini, who embark on a very difficult journey with a miraculous result. They were two no-ones fleeing war-torn Syria as refugees to live a new life in Europe. Filled with uncertainty, danger, feelings of loneliness and despair, but also hope, this move gave them the opportunity to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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    swimmers: The true story of the movie on Netflix

    Directed from a screenplay written by Sally El Hosaini with Jack Thorne, Swimmers tries to reflect the adventures of these two sisters while at the same time painting a stark portrait of war, immigration, self-improvement spirit and sporting values. The interesting thing is that despite playing so many social struggles at the same time, these two sisters undoubtedly manage to distribute the focus of the film wisely among all these issues, thanks to their natural evolution along the journey of their lives.

    although in the movie Interpreted by Manal Issa and Nathalie Issa.Actresses who are also sisters, the real Yusra and Sarah Mardini, went through all the difficulties reflected in the film, starting a new life from scratch and all the unknowns that this brought up for them.

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    Born in 1998 in Damascus, Syria, the little girl Yusra Mardini began to dream of swimming. She started training at a very young age and her talent led her to participate in official international competitions at the age of 14. But the outbreak of the Civil War made it really difficult for him to make a living there, and he and his older sister Sarah decided to leave in search of better luck.

    The two sisters, who turned into refugees, managed to escape from the country and came first to Lebanon and then to Turkey. But things could get more complicated, and they came to pay the smugglers to buy a crowded little boat for Greece. Seeing that the boat, whose aim is to reach Europe, is taking on water, Yusra and Sarah, together with another passenger, jump into the water to lighten their weight and swim towards the island of Lesbos.

    Their journey wasn’t over when they got there, however, as the Mardini brothers still passed through Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria before finally arriving in Germany. After so many transfers, they had the opportunity to redevelop their skills as swimmers there. Yusra dreamed of swimming in the Olympics and would soon join the team, although Sarah didn’t go as far as her older sister. After going through many challenges in her life, they achieved their goals in Berlin under the supervision of coach Sven Spannkrebs: Yusra participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio and then the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

    Motivation, spirit of survival, putting skills at the service of the common good… all this moving aspect, swimmers, but also the suffering, uncertainty and dangers they have to endure. However, in an interview with Forbes, director Sally El Hosaini admitted that although she tries to stay true to the true story of the people of Mardin, she should also include fictional elements. This story has a happy ending, but it has nothing to do with the rough outcome of thousands of other cases of Syrian citizens who had worse luck in the middle of the war, and their reality deserves reflection.

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