Genetic selection in the service of lute versus paratuberculosis

Genetic selection in the service of lute versus paratuberculosis

A new genomic marker of resistance to paratuberculosis is available in the Issu de la recherche française, Holstein breed.

joyfuls’agit d’une mondiale mondiale announced in April Dernier: paratuberculosis, maladie bovine endémique du troupeau français, pass the fruit désormais sous les «radars génomiques’undig program fruit désormais sous les «radars génomiques’undig», thanks to the deployment of the nouveaux indicator génétiques de résistance, research consortium.

For today, the new information does not deal with the fact that the Holstein breed tends to come closer to the Normandy breed. One device plus preliminary and plus precise information, which eliminates the symptoms of adults, precise information on resistance to animals with internal diseases, leleveurs and leurs conseillers vont pouvoir rendre encore plus plans efficient les misplaced at the touch points.

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Belgian élevéurs, who adhere to the Laitier control plan and the Lutte de l’Arsia plan, save them well: paratuberculosis suivi needs to be analyzed. The biggest risk of delaying reform decisions is to release temporary temperatures that help polluting external factors. C’est là que le genotypage se révèle précieux: tracing Holstein’s animation that established the status of resistance for adaptation to disease since March 2022 in France. Women have four susceptibility statuses: three susceptible, susceptible, standard, resistant. Estimates of calculated susceptibility to be d’ordre «clinique» (symptom clinics plus grave risk) and «contamination» (risk of becoming infected).

A pictogram of the Taureaux Catalogs points to the resistance matière matière matière leur caractère améliorateur in paratuberculosis that has spanned generations, the most decisive information for revealing the delicate animations that make up the breeding cards. As a descriptor of sensitive women, to improve France’s worldwide development plan, when allowed to obtain a law to optimize to optimize

tells them.

Plus d’information thanks to Génomique

Génotypage presents the aujourd’hui as an unshapeable tool both during the piloting of elevators and during the management of selection programmes. For higher levels, it represents an excellent auxiliary tool to decide the female trio, applicable auxiliary different strategies.

For selection schemes, there are three things that can be useful for preferences at the level of the past, gum or gum disease (Sans Cornes, gène rouge, casein…). The possibility of paratuberculosis over air tuberculosis relieves the entire genotype for a community of top actors.

Values ​​of resistance genes in paratuberculosis suggest auxiliary walls in Elevéo dance with Holstein technology through the ISU option (evaluation genomique française).

D’après l’Arsia Information

Paratuberculosis, an elusive disease at l’échelle du troupeau

La paratuberculosis, maladie du «boyau blanc», est à une micobacterie proche de celle de la tuberculosis, très résistante dans le extérieur. A disease that causes intestinal inflammation is that evolution has not produced a lethal system. If you find they are transmitted through contact with the environment, these adult cattle are subject to an expression of illness manifested by a history of enteritis, more of an ailment that is not part of the appetite or fever. Since this complexity is not cleared of bacteria and bacterial secretions at an intense pace, these complexities depend on genetic factors and expression of advanced conditions (nutrition, hygiene, density). 10% of cases are actually clinically visible. Disease prevention and vaccination remain neutral.

The son raison des pertes économiques in paratuberculosis affects production (from 1 kg to 2.5 kg eggs per day, depending on the contamination level of the animal), but is also well south of the community when the animals die or die. abattus The entire private process, dépistage et de procédure de réforme, mobilizes financial resources.

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