The biggest announcements from CES 2023

CES 2023: This year’s most striking tech announcements

The biggest announcements from CES 2023
Color changing car and CES 2023 announcements | Photograph: AFP and L’Oréal

This Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023) It is the epicenter where world leaders in the tech industry, such as color changing car from BMWfirst «eyebrow printer” from L’Oréal or inclusive control for play station 5 from Sony, who also announced the first electric car.

The new car that changes color at CES 2023!

german giant BMW At the Las Vegas tech show on Wednesday, a prototype car that can change color and has digital technologies inside, such as the projection of information across the width of the windshield, was unveiled. judicial BMW i Vision Dee.

The car was presented at the annual meeting CES 2023 Las Vegas during a mini show showing incredible modality. The manufacturer had already sent a car that changed at the same event last year colored, but only gray. This BMW Vision Dee you can also:

  • Project data such as speed and direction across the entire width of the windshield
  • Project images in augmented reality
  • Turn the entire windshield into a screen
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

car BMW also presented CES 2023 It also has an artificial voice to communicate with the user and Arnold Schwarzenegger He was one of those responsible for presenting this innovation in the automotive industry, which can be obtained from 2025.

Other amazing CES 2023 announcements!

L’Oréal’s «eyebrow printer»

Real presented a new one eyebrow magic inside CES 2023a device that works like an «eyebrow printer» via an app so people can get a custom eyebrow look at home based on their natural facial features.

Designed with drinkerIt is the first lightweight and portable electronic eyebrow makeup applicator that gives consumers the most precise eyebrow shape in seconds and is expected to launch it. 2023. To use it you need to do the following:

  • open app L’Oreal Brow Magic and scan face with Modiface eyebrow reader
  • Choose the desired shape, thickness and effect
  • apply the primer L’Oreal Brow Magic between the eyebrows
  • Move the printer over the eyebrow in one sweeping motion.
  • Apply a top coat of finish to set the style

Container control for PlayStation 5

sony Made a few announcements about it. play stationbut the most remarkable Project Leonardo for PS5A highly customizable accessibility controller kit designed to help gamers with disabilities play games more easily, comfortably and for longer.

«Designed to address common challenges faced by many players with limited motor control, including difficulty holding the controller for long periods of time, pressing small button or trigger groups accurately, or optimally positioning thumbs and fingers on a standard controller.»


It should be noted that the laptop company asus announced an audit for XBOX Series It has an integrated 1.3-inch LED display called ROG Raikiri Pro. However, the user will be able to program animations, images and even custom text and also have practical features such as seeing the remaining battery.

SONY’s first electric car at CES 2023

This CES 2023 It also served as a framework for sony made various changes to your presentations, not just skipping a new screen smart television, but by surprise with the announcement of its first electric car. In this way, together with the entire reflector, Sony Honda Mobility introduces Afeela.

This vehicle will have the technology Qualcomm as well as offering interaction involving video games, entertainment and safety. The company’s first electric car will go on sale in 2019 North America in 2026.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

sony He said he was waiting for an offer to offer subscription services, meaning car owners would likely have to pay a monthly fee to access certain features, but no further details were provided. CES 2023.

A transparent screen and a wireless one from LG

Company LG e came CES 2023 with the introduction of various innovations such as Signature OLED M3first tech television oled Wireless, 97 inches, 4K, 120Hz refresh rate.

The company used a new technology called Zero Junction Box it will serve to transmit the video data from one side of the room to the other, thereby getting rid of the wires. The television will depend on this new box, which can be placed to the maximum. 10 meters away without losing the signal, but you will have to see the new TV directly.

Photo: AFP

LG In addition, in this new edition of the technology fair, there is a surprise fully transparent screen serving for show Vegas, Nevada.

Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP

Samsung’s wireless charger for smart homes

SAMSUNG did not arrive CES 2023 had the opportunity to introduce the wireless charging station for mobile phones empty-handed and compatible with the devices of other technology brands, where the smart home can also be controlled. about SmartThings Station.

This new invention is a cordless, square-shaped product. mobile application You can create routines that are tap-activated on its surface, such as a night mode that turns off the lights and lowers the thermostat, or another Safety and energy efficiency when you leave the house.

A bike… for exercise and work at the same time?

One of the most curious announcements of CES 2023 was l.Acer’s new exercise bike Allows you to exercise while charging your electrical devices, eKinekt BD 3the one with a flat surface where we can place the device we want to charge between the handlebars.

The concept is to convert the kinetic energy we produce while pedaling into electrical charge for our device.. By acerThey are trying to combat the sedentary lifestyle.

CES 2023 truck will race against Tesla and Elon Musk

Finally, Tesla cyber truck There is already a Chinese counterpart offered by the IAT. CES 2023About T-Mad And while it’s just a concept, it’s an electric pickup truck with a heavy focus on off-road driving. It is 5.87 meters long, 2.19 meters wide and 2.02 meters high, with a huge wheelbase of 3.62 meters.

This CES 2023 it was besieged by inventions that only allegedly didn’t exist. sustainable and environmentally friendlybut older accessibility for users, as well as connecting each device together and eliminating wires as much as possible.

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