A 72% drop is only a harbinger of a larger change in trend

A 72% drop is only a harbinger of a larger change in trend

It’s over for Tesla at the end of 2022. Never in the same year has the brand received so much good and bad news. The company has delivered more cars than ever before, and the stock market crash, after all, was significant with Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and its own ramifications.

108 dollars. Exactly a year ago, Tesla was publicly trading at $383 per share. In January 2022, Tesla shareholders saw their investment lose some value, as it broke the $400 per share cap in November 2021, setting its record at $407.

But as I write these lines, Tesla is trading at $108 per share. There is a 72% decrease compared to a year ago. Or what the same, Tesla stock has 28% of its value 365 days ago. Within a year, two-thirds of its value was left by the roadside.

lace. There were data on the stock market that put the end to the collapse of the company. result presentation. Tesla produced 439,701 electric cars in the last quarter of 2022 and delivered 405,278 units. In 2022, a total of 1,369,611 automobiles were produced at its factories and deliveries of 1,313,851 were made.

Tesla has never built or delivered so many cars. At the end of the year, the growth in production was 47%, and the growth in sales was 40%. And despite everything, he could not reach his targets, which set a growth target of 50 percent in one year. nor expert estimatesexpected the company to deliver at least 427,000 vehicles.

%12 This has led to a new, sharp drop so far this week. On Tuesday, January 3, the stock market began to lose 7%, but eventually closed the session leaving 13%. It’s a fresh blow to some of the actions that have been a year to forget despite the company’s better numbers than ever before.

The decline adds to other major devaluations the company has missed this year. It has already experienced a serious price correction in the first quarter of 2022, but first results It managed to climb over $350 per share. Since then, the declines have become very pronounced. Especially since its announcement. buy twitter and Elon Musk had to Sold more than $40,000 million in shares to face the buyout.

Not just Twitter. Tesla’s problem isn’t just Twitter, which justifies the company’s stock market crash. Producing more cars than it delivers is a scenario he’s never experienced before, and this seems to confirm that demand for his vehicles is falling.

We must add to the declining demand for cars in the United States that most of their vehicles cannot be subsidized by the Government. Tesla is promoting discounts of up to $6,500 to maintain interest in its cars. swore not to use.

The confirmation of the decrease in interest in their vehicles was also seen in the second-hand market. The bubble that triggers the prices used tesla It exploded to avoid long waiting times. What time is it paid up to 11,000 euros more It’s a thing of the past to have a registered Tesla delivered right away instead of waiting for a new one.

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