Draft whispers, latest, pick line, Mattaes Phillipou, West Coast Eagles, swaps, Reuben Ginbey, Gold Coast Suns, Dunsborough family reunion

Draft whispers, latest, pick line, Mattaes Phillipou, West Coast Eagles, swaps, Reuben Ginbey, Gold Coast Suns, Dunsborough family reunion

One of this season’s brightest draft nominees has made his wishes clear before next week’s big night.

In addition, the West Coast will continue to meet the need for speed.

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South Australian young gunslinger Mattaes Phillipou explained that he was «made for Melbourne», with both Essendon and Hawthorn appearing as 17-year-old targets.

owned by Phillipou bolted to the first five calculations after an impressive 2022 campaign underscored by his confidence in his talent.

His desire to be at the center of the AFL spotlight is one he conveyed this week.

«I’m really excited and I’ve said to some clubs before, ‘If it’s Melbourne, I’m made for Melbourne,'» he said. Advertising.

“I’ve always wanted to be the center of attention, play in front of big crowds, be in all the big games and Melbourne teams understand that.

«It would be great to play in the ‘G’ or Etihad every other week.»

After meeting with Hawthorn and manager Sam Mitchell, Essendon had Phillipou reschedule her flight to South Australia to meet Brad Scott at the club.

“It would be great if I was enlisted by Essendon,” he said.

«Brad was excellent, I really enjoyed his philosophy and I think Essendon will do great things whether I go there or not.»

Essendon currently holds 4th place (a bid for Will Ashcroft is expected to move to 5th when Brisbane is matched), while Hawthorn holds 6th place.

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West Coast are reportedly considering picking Victorian speedster Coby Burgiel with one of their second-round picks in next week’s draft.

Western Australia reported Burgiel’s interest in the Eagles after an impressive season at NAB League level where he scored 12.11 points in nine games and averaged 21.6 eliminations and 4.3 in 50 seconds.

He also played well for Vic Country, averaging 17 eliminations per trip at the national championships.

Eagles roster boss Rohan O’Brien said the club would be open to choosing an interstate player such as Burgiel, a former Hawthorn roster and son of US college punter Hayden Burgiel.

“This is always a factor (fear of Going Home) – if you think you have two players close to each other in skill and one is in WA and one is outside, you’ll probably gravitate towards the local one. But we will continue to support our club,” he said on AFL Draft Radio.

«If we think there is a significantly better player out there, then we will step back to keep the player.»

If Burgiel was chosen, it would have been an offseason as the Eagles desperately struggled to speed up their aging roster.

Jayden Hunt joined the Eagles off-season via unlimited free agent and the quick halftime option is coming from Melbourne.

West Coast also hopes to snag local talent Reuben Ginbey in audition with her top 10 picks, and Ginbey offers an impressive athletic profile to add to her side as she goes through a period of renewal.

«Reuben is definitely a very talented player and is undoubtedly in our draft range,» said Eagles roster boss Rohan O’Brien.

But the Gold Coast Suns are also keen on Ginbey and flew to WA’s South West this week to meet the talented midfielder and his family.

WA young gun Reuben Ginbey. Image: Dylan BurnsSource: Getty Images

«We thought we wanted to add another midfielder to our mix and complement the midfield we have,» said Kall Burns, Suns hiring manager at AFL Draft Radio.

“We had a quick transit to Dunsborough (South West of WA) on Tuesday.

“Reuben was at home – he had finished his schooling at Wesley in Perth, so he had returned home with his mom and dad, so it was a great opportunity to see him in his natural environment at home.

“It was a great opportunity to take our medical director there and meet with the family and start discussing what it would look like if[moving to the Suns]did happen.

“He was great – his family was great too.

“They understand that this is a national competition. If it’s Gold Coast, he’s a crazy surfer, so his lifestyle will suit him. They were very clear about that.”

The Eagles have no choice until the 8th pick after choosing to step back from pick 2 in a mega four-club trade where Jason Horne-Francis finished in Power and North Melbourne coughed up the first pick.

As the Suns hold the 5th pick, they’ll take the first hit at Ginbey if they want to.

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