AQARA: 4 new products linked to #CES2023 and Matter

AQARA: 4 new products linked to #CES2023 and Matter

aqara This is an invaluable player in an environment where your home is interconnected. Bonne nouvelle: We are preparing a presentation of the nouveaux nouveaux products at CES 2023, which is very cool! Along with innovative sensors, smart saws, video sonnets and LED tapes. Describe a person and other details.

Sonnet video Video Doorbell G4

Video Doorbell G4 is a new latest video, one of the most valuable helpers of camera manufacturers. Elle is complementary with the built-in cameras in Aqara: the community, these cameras help visitors in a garden of your home, family and all the time and everywhere.

This sone allows for a three flexible setup that can be powered by batteries or wired for continuous power supply. The builder declares a 6-month autonomy on the heaps.

On Amazon and Google smart displays, HomeKit will turn on secure video and local streaming, but it will work equally well with Matter colors for cameras, which the Matter spec would be ready for.

Video Doorbell G4 is equipped with a native face recognition compatible with AI, which can unleash different automatisms depending on the person.

The device also includes 7 days of free stock in the cloud and optional local stock via a microSD card.

This huge video is available for the hottest month for up to $120.

Connected lock Smart Lock U100

Smart Lock U100 is the first lock on the inert door of Aqara, which offers a solution for safe and practical home access that can be integrated with a transparent handle in modern smart homes. The U100 lock is one of the rare smart locks in the market that is compatible with HomeKit and can open the smart home function in Apple Wallet.

aqara smart lock u100

Other access verification options include digital prints, pass cards, Aqara Home app, NFC cards and mechanical keys. Based on the Zigbee protocol, the U100 unlocks Charge Matter via a compatible Aqara hub.

Elle devraitêtre went on sale in the US in the second quarter for around $180. The manufacturer states that it is adapted to American chainsaws without any additional information l’Europe :/

FP2 Presence Sensor

The FP2 presence sensor is a revolutionary addition to the wide range of community sensors. Based on radar technology of millimeter waves (mmWave), the FP2 detects human presence as if the person is being helped without a bouger. Il s’agit donc donc bien d’un deteur de présence, et non pass seulement d’un pass deteur de comme on trouve généralement.

The location of the zone can help define different zones, such as one piece, illuminated, nightstand or sofa, and the presence of individual zones can eliminate different automatisms for experience plus individuality.

aqara presence sensor fp2

Use features such as crosshair detection, channel detection, and integrated light capture, among other functions. C’est can manage to change the scenarios of home a captain must have and this can be placed as notamment in the care of the residence of the elderly or persons in mobility!

The sensor is powered by Usb-C and has an aiming socket to hold the locator on the switch.

Devrait être can be purchased in two quarters for up to $60.

Ruban LED T1

T1 LED strip is a multi-value RVB CCT light strip aimed at enriching the smart lighting experiences of Aqara users. It produces only 16 million vibrant colors and an appropriate white light and can be addressed with distorted effects. HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home are all ready to charge, and Matter support has been added at launch via a compatible Aqara hub.

aqara strip

The LED band is based on Zigbee, which means a more reliable energy consumption and a premium Wi-Fi network. Elle is a better repeater than the real image of Zigbee.

A small video demonstration of these products by the manufacturer:

Devices in Aqara will be available for sale according to the recipe plus no sensitivities.

L’arrivée de Matter se sure

Allow transparent usage experiences, Aqara is an effort to integrate Matter across existing and new devices. In 2023 de nouvelles mises à jour OTA will send auxiliary concentrators Aqara (starting from M2) and connect Zigbee d’Aqara à Matter devices so that they can serve as Matter Ponts.

On the other hand, the company has also confirmed a new line of Thread-based devices this year with the native support of Matter, which includes the P2 door and window detector and the P2 motion and light detector, which are expected to arrive at the Prochains Walk. mois. Joint cadres from Aqara, Google and Samsung present their new exhibitor stands at CES 2023, like the other devices in Aqara, not the Hub M2, but Matter!

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