Windows 11 build 25272 not working, what's new?

Windows 11 build 25272 not working, what’s new?

Microsoft has released the first build 2023 of Windows 11 on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider program. Not yet introduced. The main thing is about fixing bugs and optimizing performance and stability.

After a hiatus pending the holidays, the Windows 11 auto-development team is back in business. Il donne naissance à la premiere construction de l’annee. Windows 11 build 25272 is available if you signed up for the DEV channel of the Windows Insider program.

Comme nous l’avons is mentioned in the nouvelle pas de nouvelle functionnality. The firm recommends a number of improvements, with no changes, which they consider useful if you use Quick Help. The application is ete té hors des of Windows tools. Remove the menu directly from the « Applications » list. There may be a change in practice that allows for faster progress. Il faudra par contra changer sound habits, pour en profiter 😊.

Microsoft explains that some changes are available regarding the Microsoft Edge browser. The websites suggested by the Démarrer menu are hidden without explanation. Is there an answer about satisfaction? Beaucoup speculates that the menu is possible. Despite this, the submission of advice and recommendations is considered an attempt to impose the announcements.

Ace sujet, company announced

We’re pushing recommendation action for copy-copy scanning on Microsoft Edge and related sites Web communications in the recommended screen scanning area Recommended screenshot, these two started with Build 25247. Merci à tous les beneficiaries became part of the returns of the two experiences.

For experiments, landings, functionality, and experiences in the development channel, the development channel may be blocked from publishing and broadcasting as a measure of the emergence of new ideas and comments from reviewers.

Microsoft says the DEV channel is an experimentation ground. Observations of innovations, ideas and changes observe that it is not possible to force chemistry against a « big public » version of the exploitation system.

Note that the changes have a system compatible with Linux on Windows. As of this version, the reception desk version of WSL has been published. You cannot be sure that the executor version is valid.

As of build 25267, the reception desk version of Windows for Linux has been removed. When setting up a build with this change, if you’re a WSL user, you should mise daily instead of the deterministic version of WSL described in the GitHub article to keep WSL running on your PC. WSL will continue to work on the mises from the last build days, after a fait accompli. In future versions, we chercherons à ce cela se fasse de manière automatically.

In parallel, retroactive adjustments, mines and adjustments are blocked. For example, the Windows print attente file already has a new update button, so the error affects pin management and causes light and shaded content to be displayed incorrectly. In addition, Microsoft fixed the Gestionnaire des tâches lors de l’origine d’un plantage du Gestionnaire des tâches lors de bug at the end of certain processes.

In DEV channel this version is not used on production PC. Learn more about more plus issues. One of the most important has to do with widgets.

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