Good plan – Tactile Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet with Wi-Fi 64 Go "4 étoiles" €389.97 (-12%)

Good plan – Tactile Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Wi-Fi 64 Go «4 étoiles» price €389.97 (-11%)

Samsung is offering the Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G available in the 2021 season. A sans 5G model with a better version is also available for a slightly different price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Starting prize €599

How the reward table works

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Without 5G, but with Wi-Fi 6, one of the best or best price plus attractive, the Wi-Fi variant of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is not interesting when compared to the homologous 5G. Reconsider autonomy in a high quad tray where you can open tablets at the same time. A model assurance that you are considering buying a large tablet.

points castles

  • Premium finishes (more poids élevé).
  • Calibrate the LCD well.
  • Excellent performances.
  • Good autonomy (more protection than the 5G model).
  • WiFi 6 compatible.

low scores

  • Photo moyenne.
  • Charge the lens at 25 W.
  • It went from 120 Hz or 90 Hz.

Note: The price reduction is calculated for all dealers by comparing the best prizes for the best prices for the best quality products and the safety rules for boutique prices according to the prizes that are the best of the day. ‘est pas claire (where these «gray» boutiques are typically imported from China).

As an alternaive

The universe of tactile tablets is largely concentrated in the upper range, with the name of the products billed at 600 €. Sticking to its habits, Xiaomi understands to deliver a premium experience or presque at an accessible price. Problem-free display and screen with the Pad 5, fine note on a calibrated screen, an autonomy plus satisfactory and good performances. On peut bien sûr a penitent rack needs to be part of the style that creates shelf trim work, a non-expandable storage space, and sound outlets. The most commonly used device provides a homogeneous and acceptable experience and inaugurates «officers» for the advancement of Xiaomi’s European tablets.

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