Today's horoscope of all zodiac signs on December 12, 2022

Today’s horoscope for all zodiac signs on January 9, 2023

Inside horoscope todayMonday, January 9, Venus continue with the sign Aquarium and meet Anthem to find a way to relax and help you get rid of tension to give you a day full of well-being.


Today, the Universe will give you a calmer day with the meeting of Venus and Mars in your sign so that you can balance. This will allow you to get out of the bad mood of the last few days by enjoying your friends more.

Additionally, the vibration mentioned above will allow you to open up to them more and thus share what is happening so you will feel supported and happy from their love.

By talking, you will relieve yourself of tension and you will find that you will relax as you tell them about the tension you are experiencing. This is how you move from a stressful topic to talking about your illusions and hopes.

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The planetary configurations of the previous days caused you to go through difficult times. But today is already a time of rest, and it’s in your best interest to go out and socialize more or set up more virtual meetings.

For this, it will be convenient for you to accept different invitations; even if they are people from your business. In this way, you will be able to establish new connections that you will benefit from.

Physical or virtual social gatherings are a good way Venus offers you to overcome challenges and attract new opportunities.

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The hardships of the past few weeks have left you feeling quite unhappy in your heart. Especially since you’re selfishly competing with everyone around you and trying to impose your own opinion on what they shouldn’t.

Today, however, Venus will show you an easier way to seek peace; This path will be to pay more attention to your personal and intellectual growth and to follow your spiritual pursuits. To this end, you need to deepen everything you have learned so far and harness the shamanic energy around you.

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After the last weeks of worry and bewilderment, you can now see and feel things differently. This will be thanks to the help you will receive today from Venus and Mars, who will find a common energy point so that you can remove all kinds of tension, and you will also have pleasant moments with your partner.

For this, I recommend you to go for a walk, have fun even if it is a little walk, pamper yourself and take care of yourself. Remember that accepting the love they want to give you is the first step towards living a full and abundant life.

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To get rid of the tension of the last weeks, today the Universe will introduce a meeting point between Venus and Mars. Therefore, you can find inner peace and balance your energies by meeting with your closest friends.

After sharing everything with them and explaining your stress to them, you will be able to have a relaxing conversation that will allow you to release all your tension.

This will help you feel better and have a loving heart because the times we are in are difficult and you have to work hard to maintain your good mood.

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As the last few weeks have been tough, today will help you reduce anger and arguments through the meeting of energies between the Universe, Venus and Mars.

In this way, it will give you some peace of mind so that you can enjoy the good things in life and the best way to do this is to devote yourself to and take care of your body, according to the planets mentioned.

It would be a good time to practice a relaxation technique such as yoga and to balance the outer with the inner. Also for you to pamper your physique and have a quiet day to yourself. rosemary bath on the chakras.

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The universe will decide to give you special moments due to the unforeseen events and concerns in the past weeks. You will experience this peace today when you feel ready to open the doors of your heart so that you have more security in your personal, financial and professional life.

Develop all your enthusiasm and decide to live this day to the fullest. Let go of your joy, change your facial expression and show the friendliest side you can. Have more fun with your social circle, give them more time, and you’ll find plenty of rapport and good humor.

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To relax you after hard days, they will look for a meeting point today to increase the effects of Venus and Mars energies and to spread plenty of peace.

You will find this peace in your home, but also with a feeling of great happiness when you receive good news about your family.

You will have a very positive day because you will feel that you have already found your place in the world and you will enjoy more than repairing a corner of your house or buying a new decoration instead of building your own house. These little gestures are what give you the strength to keep going.

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According to your taste, you are coming from difficult weeks. horoscopewhere you feel your pride and ego hurt. If you have managed to control your impulsivity, you will have managed to end a period of feeling good about yourself by maintaining harmony around you.

But tensions remain in the body and you need to protect it from emotional somatizations. To assist you with this, the Universe today will give you a more balanced day through Venus and Mars according to your sign and this will help you to balance your energies so that you can have a calm day and thus enjoy nice conversations with your friends.

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Because your sign is passivity and you know how to enjoy the good times, you will always find a place within yourself where you can find peace.

Venus will give you this with a good book you have decided to read today, because it will give you advice that will help you find a solution to a problem or information that will comfort you about it.

You will also be able to find a harmonious environment that will allow you to balance the tension of your work routine by communicating with the people you share with every day.

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Venus has been transiting your sign for a few days, but you still can’t see its effect. Today, however, the Universe will strengthen the influence of the planet mentioned above and become more attuned to you, so that you can transform the negative you experience into positive and learn from what happened in this way.

You will also feel that it is time to take care of your personal care with the same effect. For this, pay more attention to your physique, dress yourself and try to satisfy yourself with the pleasure of your senses, whether with a new perfume or enjoying the best food.

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Today will bring together the most positive aspects of the Universe, Venus and Mars so that you can overcome any tension experienced. Thanks to this union, you will be able to find peace and harmony within yourself by doing spiritual exercises or visualizations, and thus you will be able to remove all rigidity from your body.

This is a good option if you’re meditating, but if that’s not your habit, you’d better relax for a few moments imagining your heart and mind filling with light and power. At the same time, imagine that the anger is coming out of the soles of your feet, thereby releasing the tensions in your body.

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