Harry talked about his book a few hours after launch

Harry talked about his book a few hours after launch

The launch of a book is a crucial moment for the author and publisher, as it determines the success or failure of the product in the market.

If the first days sell well, success is guaranteed. If not, there will be failure, no doubt about it.

One of the most important ways to ensure that a book succeeds in becoming a book. best seller It goes through a well thought out and implemented marketing and promotion strategy.

Promotion and marketing are essential tools to promote the product to a wide audience and attract potential readers. This may include advertising in print and online media, participation in book fairs and literary events, and participation in radio and television programmes. The presence on social networks and the promotion of the book through reviews and recommendations from influencers are also important.

Digital marketing strategies may also include online advertising through platforms such as Google Adwords and promotion to a mailing list via emails and newsletters.

You can also look for SEO optimization for appearing on the first pages of online search results and promoting books through online selling platforms like Amazon.

Launch of Prince Harry’s ‘Reserve’ book

In the case of the release of Prince Harry’s autobiography «Backup» (backup), the strategy included leaking parts to the press (which is not recognized by the author) and an interview on British television this Sunday in January. 8, two days before its worldwide release on 10 January.

Prince Harry gave an interview with Tom Bradby and talked about many things in his book.

The pre-recorded interview was broadcast at 9 PM in the UK and received record ratings.

In a wide-ranging 90-minute chat with commercial breaks, Harry criticized the former ‘Top Gear’ host, Jeremy Clarksonafter a newspaper column said she «hated» Meghan and suggested she be forced to «parade naked» in England while people were «throwing feces» on her.

«It was horrible, hurtful and cruel to my wife,» Harry told Bradby from Clarkson’s corner. «It has also encouraged other people in the UK and around the world, especially men, to stop thinking it is acceptable to treat women this way.»

The British tabloid The Sun, which published Clarkson’s column, later apologized, while Clarkson said on Twitter he was «appalled to have caused so much damage», but declined to apologize.

Harry also talked about his latest Netflix documentary «Harry & Meghan» and said he was «relaxed» to have finished it.

“The Netflix documentary and the book ‘Spare’, one is our story, the other is my story, retrospective projects,” he explained. “It was necessary, necessary to know the history of what happened. I don’t want my kids or other people that age to think, ‘Wow, that’s what’s going on.

Bradby, to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, last September. When she attended Elizabeth’s funeral, which followed the same route as Diana’s, she said she and William were joking among themselves that «at least we know the way».

«Backup» will be released on Tuesday, January 10, amid a worldwide discussion of a maximum security operation in the UK and some bookstores in Spain breaking through the strict embargo on January 5 to maximize sales before «Three Kings’ Day». .

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