A big screen reads "Love for Damar" with a photo of Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin displayed at an NFL game.

NFL player Damar Hamlin returns to Buffalo after field collapse, doctors say recovery is going well

NFL player Damar Hamlin was released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) a week after being admitted to critical condition under emergency conditions and returned to Buffalo.

Doctors William Knight IV and Timothy Pritts said they were «excited and proud» to announce that Hamlin had been transferred to a hospital in Buffalo, adding that tests are ongoing to determine the cause of Hamlin’s cardiac arrest and his recovery is continuing with a care team. Hospital west of New York City.

Hamlin’s medical team in Cincinnati said the 24-year-old had passed every test during his seven days there and was «doing well» as he moved on to the next phase of his recovery.

Hamlin wrote on social media that the staff at Buffalo General Medical Center had already made him feel at home.

Hamlin will be under the care of a medical team in Buffalo, and doctors in the two cities are scheduled to communicate for several days.

Doctors said Hamlin’s recovery was standard or perhaps somewhat advanced, shifting from a ventilator to communicating via text message, then breathing on his own, talking to his family, doctors and teammates, and beginning weekend hiking and consuming a regular diet, the doctors said.

Fans and the league rallied around Hamlin, pumping millions of dollars into a charity toy outing he organized.(Getty Images: Barry Chin/Boston Globe)

Hamlin is «neurologically sound» and walks normally, albeit a little weak, after his time in the hospital.

Doctors even said Buffalo was watching to finish the regular season on Monday (AEDT), beating New England 35-23.

This included the opening kick-off of the game.

Dr. «She was pretty excited and she feels so supported by the love that overflows,» said Pritts.

«When the opening kick came back, he jumped up and down, got up from his chair. He set every alarm in the ICU in the process, but he was fine, it was a fitting response to a very exciting game.»

After the penultimate regular season game with the Cincinnati Bengals was canceled following Hamlin’s collapse, the Bills finished the regular season against New England and played Miami in the first week of the playoffs. If they win that game, if they beat Baltimore, they could face the Bengals again.

Life-saving procedures performed by Bills trainers on the field in Cincinnati during the first quarter of last week’s game helped move Hamlin into intensive care at UCMC last week.

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