Chiquillada's actress had an affair with Eugenio Derbez when she was younger.

Chiquillada’s actress had an affair with Eugenio Derbez when she was younger.

The relationship only lasted about seven months (Photo: Instagram)

Over the years since its debut in the artistic medium, Eugenio Derbez He showed his talents as a gentleman, as the number of friends with whom he had a friendly and emotional relationship was not few.

The actor talked about it Claudia Yvettepart of the programs remembered in his childhood and adolescence. TelevisionWhat noon joychildren’s section always on sundayY childhoodIn addition to giving a voice to the character «Cute Mouse» in the iconic series Odyssey Bubbles.

And that’s what the actor put out, who is staying away from the screens right now. She was in a relationship with Eugenio Derbez. He was 17 years old and 10 years older.

gave life to Claudia
Claudia gave life to «Cuddly Mouse» on Odisea Burbujas (Photo: Facebook)

It was in an interview for journalist Poncho Martínez’s channel that Claudia Ivette said. how was the approach the deceased actress will have to see Evita Munoz chachita.

The actress said that she met the son of Silvia Derbez while working on the program. We GomezWhere he shared a close friendship relationship with Evita Muñoz and even gave him advice.

«We the Gómez» alternates with Claudia Ivette, Evita Muñoz and Freddy Fernández «El Pichi» (Photo: File)

symbolic «Chachita» del Cine de oro Mexicano advised the comedy show’s then-teen heroine when she learned that she is now dating the internationally renowned producer, actor, and comedian.

Odisea Burbujas was an educational children's program whose characters continue in the imagination of the Mexican people (Photo: Instagram/@famososmexico)
Odisea Burbujas was an educational children’s program whose characters continue in the imagination of the Mexican people (Photo: Instagram/@famososmexico)

“I was 17, I was in it.Gomez’I entered at the age of 15 and I was Eugenio Derbez’s girlfriend, he was 27, I was 17.back then «chachita» He learned,” the actress recalled.

Claudia Ivette said that Derbez knew how to conquer women and once summoned her to the forum. We Gomezstate of reaction chachita.

“Eugenio has always been very romantic. He’s very creative, he creates atmospheres, really, so it surprised me, he talks to me and blah blah. I go to the forum andChachita’ He says ‘everything is fine, what happened, how are you?’ I say ‘everything is fine, what do you think? It’s like Eugenio Derbez is throwing dogs at meshe remembered.

«Chachita» informed Claudia Ivette about Derbez’s age (Photo: Twitter@victoreverardo9)

Upon learning of the manufacturer’s claims No returnsEvita Muñoz asked Claudia to be careful with Derbez’s dates.

“I said ‘Eugenio, son of my comrade Silvia Derbez?’, I say ‘yes’ and ‘hey but how old is Eugenio? 27 and you Claudia, you’re 17 and she really makes me look like a mom and I’m like ‘well yeah but…’ somethingThere is a difference of 10 years between them.10 years old, he’s bringing you, she already has a daughter‘” he commented, referring to the then-born Aislinn Derbez.

According to Claudia Ivette, at that time Eugenio had already split from Asilinn’s mother, Gabriela Michel, and they were said to be breaking up on bad terms. Old childhood Although he may not entirely like the advice his experienced friend gives him, they ended their new relationship with its creator To the right and to Derbez.

The comedian didn't disrespect the underage Claudia first (Instagram/@ederbez)
The comedian didn’t disrespect the underage Claudia first (Instagram/@ederbez)

«I didn’t really like his advice, but I finally listened to him, he got me thinking about a few things… We had a little romance, it took about seven months but it’s so good, he got high. School for me in his car. Very nice, nice person and I had a lot of fun”, he recalled.

Likewise, the voice of «Mimoso Ratón» emphasized that Eugenio never disrespected him and treated him «like a gentleman», so they had no problems.

«The truth is, I really enjoyed it, and in terms of romance, the couple went well, until he respected me well. He taught me things, but within a certain limit, he wasn’t very smart because of his age. At least he was a gentleman to me because he didn’t go too far. She didn’t cross the line when she found out she was a virgin no way,” Claudia Ivette concluded.


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