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«They will miss me»; Bad Bunny sends a message and does so via his Instagram account.

  • In 2022, and for the third consecutive year, Bad Bunny became the most streamed artist on Spotify.

  • Bad Bunny currently has around 80 million followers on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

  • According to IFPI data, streaming Global accounted for 65 percent of total music revenue.

Puerto Rican Bad Bunny continues to be talked about because of a mysterious message he posted on social networks and a certain decision he made on his Instagram account.

At this point, mentioning Bad Bunny is talking about one of the musical personalities who has truly become a media giant.

They Numbers on Spotify, YouTube and above all on social networks they dictate that for years the performer of «Me Porto Bonito» is the most listened and popular artist, at least in all of Latin America.

And despite the great controversy in the lyrics of his songs, reggaeton It has become the dominant musical genre of today’s pop scene, which is why we consistently see these artists leading the popularity charts in various parts of the world.

One of the strategies for these artists to get this far is, of course, by managing their social networks well, where each of them creates a very interesting community with their followers.

To cite an example, J Balvin adopts TikTok to release his latest album JoséA fact that also serves to announce a new face of the «Mi Gente» interpreter.

The Bad Bunny example is, in short, one of the most striking, because instagram, TikTok Y twitter, the reggaetonero Add about 80 million followersmaking him one of the most relevant personalities in the industry and in terms of digital marketing.

“They will miss me”; Bad Bunny sends a message and does so via his Instagram account.

Recently, the Puerto Rican took part in a debate that was stirring and at the same time questioning the image the music industry has built for him.

The image of ‘Bad Rabbit’ seems to be getting worse after a fan threw his cell phone into the sea and had the opportunity to take a photo when he saw it. In fact, it turned out that after the incident a few days ago, their numbers on Spotify began to decline..

Now the name Bad Bunny continues to trend on social networks, this time due to a post on his Twitter account and a seemingly reckless decision he made regarding his Instagram account.

«They will miss me»She wrote one from Puerto Rico in her «biography» on Twitter, and her Instagram account, which she has 44.9 million followers to date, has remained private.

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Today, the social network owned by Meta has a total of 1.2 billion users worldwide and ranks third among the most popular networks behind Facebook and now TikTok.

However, it is known that about digital marketingBoth Instagram and TikTok are the most used social networks by creators and/or influencersmakes it clear that in the near future, it is video platforms that are attracting the attention of brands.

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