WWE Monday Night Raw January 9, 2023: Scope and results

USA Network will broadcast chapter number 1546 WWE Monday Night Raw live tonight from the Legacy Arena in Birmingham, AL. The company has not officially declared any war despite its existence. Alexa happiness Y austin theory. First, he will explain his actions against Bianca Belair Last week, the Champion of the United States awaited his next opponent.


Dolph Ziggler is interviewed behind the scenes about his match against Solo Sikoa. Mustafa Ali intervenes. She questions why she turned down teaming with him tonight to attend the Turmoil Tag Team Match for a chance at the Unified Team Championship. Ali reminds him that he owes him money after costing him the United States Championship a few weeks ago. Dolph tells him that he has already apologized for this and that he has something more important on his hands tonight. «It’s not about the championships tonight, it’s not about you either. I hope you can understand,» Ziggler says before leaving.


Then, four days later, Cody had surgery. We see the expressions of Brandi Rhodes and the surgeon. Rhodes wonders how he will return once he recovers. Will I be as good as before?” Cody wonders. The answer begins with his training, where he will do anything to come back better than ever.


The third part of «The Cody Rhodes Story». The fighter remembers the moment he was injured and his decision to join Hell in a Cell. Recall one moment of his fight against Seth Rollins and when he felt so much pain that he almost vomited after one move. He admits that he never saw the fight again and will never see it again.


Byron Saxton tries to interview Bobby Lashley, but MVP interrupts them. He hopes to receive a thank you from the former WWE Champion for being responsible for his reinstatement. Lashley thanks him, stating that they are now at peace. However, the MVP has other plans, stating that they must stay together at a time when The Bloodline is rampant. Lashley says no, stating that she will go alone for now. MVP respects his decision.


Rhea Ripley defeated Candice LeRae.


The fight moves to ringside where Rhea regains control, punishes her face-to-face against the barricade several times and even activates a surrender key. Back in the ring, The Riptide finishes Candice.


Candice takes a series of punches to the heels, leading her to one of the corners. Rhea doesn’t take long to heal and every time she continues to punish her in one of the corners, she throws her opponent to the canvas. Ripley tosses his opponent from side to side and slams them several times before cornering him. Ripley tries to give Candice a superplex, but Candice runs head-on before performing a superplex.


Rhea Ripley vs. Candice LeRae


Bobby Lashley returns to Monday Night Raw


As a smiling Rollins walks away unaided, Bobby Lashley’s intro theme rings. Rollins stops and lets The Allmighty move on. Austin orders him not to enter the ring, but Bobby immediately goes there. As soon as Theory enters, she tries to attack him, but eventually gets a spear. Austin runs out of the ring before Lashley continues to punish him. He takes the microphone and addresses the audience. By stating that he is back and ready for the Royal Rumble, Bobby assures him that he will eliminate all the participants in the royal battle.


«Have you finished?» asks Seth. Rollins has confirmed he is injured but will be ready for the Royal Rumble. However, he only went out to get the warmth of the public. Seth repeats the theme while having fun. “See you at the rumble, boy,” Seth said before walking away, putting his crutches behind him.


Theory grabs the microphone and mutes the chants as he heads straight for his opponent. «You’re one of the best, but I’m past you,» Theory says. But he has more goals in mind. Take part in the main event of WrestleMania by winning the Royal Rumble and be crowned WWE Unified Champion while defending the United States title.


Rollins makes his entrance despite walking on crutches! Austin doesn’t believe what he’s seeing. The public is going crazy when he sings Rollins’ intro theme.


People are booing. «The champion is here!» exclaims Theory. Austin wonders where Seth Rollins is. The public demands the existence of the «Visionary». The champion laughed, stating that Rollins would not play, limping after relapse last week due to his old knee injury.


Austin Theory makes his entrance

Austin Theory makes his entrance


In a backstage interview, Candice LeRae confirms that her husband was injured. Meanwhile, she is shown ready to participate in the Royal Rumble. Rhea Ripley interrupts him. stating that there was not the slightest chance of winning while he was there. The two start an argument until the Face proposes a fight tonight. Ripley agrees.


Commentators reported that Johnny Gargano will not be able to take part in tonight’s team game due to a tear in his shoulder.


Bayley defeated Michin Mia Yim.


It’s Mia’s German suplex that dominates the fight. But when he tries to fire a cannonball, Bayley eludes him. Return kick from Mia who took the fight to the corner. Mia tries to set her next move, but Bayley reverses it and covers her opponent as she rests her legs on the ropes. The referee does not see and counts.


Bayley keeps Yim in the middle of the ring. Face tries to escape, but receives an attack from his opponent with the help of the ropes. At the ringside, Bayley uses the apron to suplex the ground. Heel tries to use the ropes again, but Mia pushes him to the ringside before taking a suicide dive.


Yim begins by mastering the fight with a few blunt blows. Bayley manages to recover, but is kicked hard in the face at ringside. Broadcast is suffering from heel arm while returning to commercial.


Before the match begins, Bayley grabs a microphone to text Becky Lynch. «You’re not here tonight because you’re embarrassed that you couldn’t beat me,» Bayley says. Heel states that tonight is to celebrate with his Damage CTRL teammates and that what he did to Michin during the fight will be received as a direct message to him.


Bayley vs. «Michin» Mia Yim


Uncle Howdy visits Alexa Bliss on Raw


Alexa Bliss goes up to her desk and interrupts the commentators. Microphone in hand indicates that Bianca Belair wasn’t there tonight, but she is. He continues his promotion with a serious face. «I am the face of evil,» says the warrior. “I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” she admits. «I have the whole world in my hands, the same ones…» Suddenly, something interrupts him. A video is displayed on the screen. A playground and Uncle Howdy suddenly laughing. «Do you feel like you’re in control?» states Howdy, making his entrance immediately. The broadcast enters a new commercial.


Adam Pearce meets The Usos and Solo Sikoa in the parking lot. They tell him they are leaving, but the WWE official stops them and informs them that a match will be held to determine their next opponent for the United Tag Team Championships for what they did tonight. On the other hand, Sikoa will encounter one of her victims, Dolp Ziggler. Now yes, the Usos must go. They are against leaving his brothers alone, but Pearce is determined and asks security to escort them out.


KO repels Bloodline’s attack


Owens doesn’t have a second to celebrate. Usos and Solo Sikoa take a break while attacking the Canadian. Owens tries to defend himself, but gets a super kick from Sikoa, who sends him in the face from behind the public barrier. However, Owens shows up with a metal chair that he uses to punish The Bloodline and get him to escape. Adam Pearce must go out to ask the heels to leave the area. Kevin uses the chair to sit in the middle of the ring, forcing the Samoans to re-enter.


Kevin Owens defeated Baron Corbin.


Corbin’s DDT that quickly covers his opponent. The account is divided into two. Kevin tries to react, but receives a spinning blow thanks to his heel. JBL continues to hit Kevin as he celebrates from ringside. However, Owens suddenly unleashes a Stun to end the fight.


Returning from the commercial, we see Owens executing a Cannonball. Corbin tries to implement a superplex, but Canadian throws it into the canvas just before he can perform a swan bomb.


Corbin takes the advantage in the early stages of the fight, leading Owens to one of the corners. The Baron is confident and Kevin gets out of the way when he tries to attack him. Corbin hits the post and Owens takes control and takes some time to taunt the heel. The fight reaches ringside, where Corbin manages to hit the Canadian on the apron.


Kevin Owens vs. Baron Corbin


Owens admits he didn’t hear anything said because he immediately lost interest, but seeing the public’s reaction he believes it shouldn’t be a big deal. The Canadian offers to drop the words and move on to the facts. Owens is currently challenging the Baron to a match.


Corbin also mocks the public before confirming JBL’s words. Corbin assures that Owens cannot beat Reigns, but can beat him as he has done in the past.


JBL is showing disrespect to the Alabama crowd before they question whether the Canadian player could be a reliable contender for Reigns. Instead, he introduces someone who can challenge the champion: Baron Corbin.


The people applaud the warrior and he thanks them. «In just three weeks, at the Royal Rumble, I’m going to challenge Roman Reigns…» JBL interrupted Owens.


Kevin Owens opens the show tonight


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