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Paola Rojas takes refuge in her friends

For page change paola rojas opportunity to make new plans. After that closing an important loop later in his career end the broadcast On Air with PaolaThe journalist is fully motivated in the present, not only because of the professional opportunities that are at her doorstep, but also because of the shelter and support her friends and loved ones offer her at that moment. Hours after the journalist made his last broadcast in the information area, he took a weekend getaway with one of his closest friends. Of course, his wife was with him. Marcelo ImpostiAs seen in the photos he shared on this special day.



The Communicator revealed via its social networks that the location chosen by him and his family is San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, where he boasted some photos of him smiling and looking very excited. This guest group Benny Ibarra and his wife celine del villaras well as player and server Claudia Lizaldi, among others. In the first photo, Paola is seen happily posing in profile. Dedicating a short message to his friend, Benny responded by writing «Grateful and loving» at the bottom of the post. «Lots of love. Yes, Paola, you are loved very much,» said the musician, demonstrating the bond of friendship between them.

Paola gave hints of coexistence among the band members as they enjoyed a glass of wine in hand. At another time, she posed with Celina and Benny for a photo in which the former model added a short comment to her friend’s postcard. «Great Day,» Del Villar wrote. Although the journalist did not give details of his itinerary, he showed how comforting the walk was for him after closing a little over six years at the beginning of the newscast that had become popular with the public. He now welcomes this new year, which he started with his right foot, in a very pleasant way.


Special dedication to friends

Emotional, Paola Rojas thought about how important it was to be surrounded by people who motivated her to keep going. Especially at this time when he is facing significant changes at the professional level. She assures that it was they who gave her the necessary support during this period. In the first lines, the journalist wrote, «How important it is to have good friends who share their strength in difficult moments…», referring to those who were part of the escape from this destination in Guanajuato. She likewise reiterated her endless gratitude for the well wishes she received. “I say this for those who see it in the photo and give me good messages. Thanks to each and every one of them».

It was January 6 when Paola said goodbye to the news show. The communicator spoke directly about how important it was for him to be in charge of this area in an environment surrounded by professional people. “Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this path, to everyone who has trusted and given us the green light to be with you throughout these years. Tell them it’s a great adventure, a beautiful journey. Working with this team is a gift of life. I tell each and every one of them that I love them and that I am so grateful for their friendship today, I will keep it forever…” he said as he said goodbye.


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