Actresses Adventure Work

This is what actresses with «Adventurera» look like: Maribel Guardia, Adriana Fonseca, Susana González

Actresses Adventure Work
20 years on the «Adventurera» billboards. Photos: Darkroom

«Adventurers» It was the most successful theatrical project. carmen salinas. The actress, with whom the musical hit the billboards in 1997, edith gonzalez and from there, more and more stars of the Mexican show played the main character Elena Tejero.

The work produced carmen salinas It was an adaptation of the movie of the same name and starring Ninón Sevilla. «Aventurera» has performed for 20 years and Susana Gonzalez who has the main credit in recent performances.

Edith González, “best Adventurer”

First of all, you need to remember this. edith gonzalez The first in the theater was Elena Tejero. For Carmen Salinas, the actress was «best Adventurer».

The actor returned to the game in 2005, and it was even rumored that he would resume this role in 2018. soap opera «Wild Heart» She died as a victim of ovarian cancer in June 2019.

Edith González on her return in 2005. Photos: Cuartoscuro

Actresses who are also “Adventurers”

  • Elena Tejero is a country girl caught in the prostitution net.

This is how they look today actresses who commented:

niurka marcos

More than a decade ago, it was her last participation in a soap opera, and she was seen in «La casa de los famosos» in 2022.

Adriana Fonseca

actress who 25 year orbitshe once shared that not everything was perfect in her career, because once they discriminated against him when you try to knock on your door Hollywood. He said that his classmates bullied him and he lost his way because of this experience.

In 2021, she starred in the soap opera «My chance is to love you».

Itati Cantoral

was the first option What Carmen Salinas was considering for the job, however, could not be realized due to a scheduling issue and it was replaced by Edith González.

This is what Itatí Cantoral looks like at age 47.

Christmas meatballs

The actor, beyond his appearance on television, became a target. various discussions in recent years. Due to the turmoil he created, his accounts on social networks disappeared.

Paty Christmas, 2022. Photo: Cuartoscuro

to bed

He was commissioned to act in the play in 2002. The actress was also part of the Mestizo group, where she developed as a singer.

Sabine Moussier

He played different villains on TV; It continued in effect with melodramas.

Maribel Guardia

Between 2010 and 2011 he was in charge of filling the Blanquita Theater with this work. Willing to return to «adventurous»but this time she would do it as Carmen Salinas, whom she considered «the most beautiful» in the play.

Nine Condes

«Killer Bombón» was also part of the musical. In 2020, the actress and singer noted: planned his retirement from the stageBut he didn’t do it because a year later he started talking about his new album and premiered the song «La vida contigo».

Malinly Marine

She took on the role of Elena for a short season in 2013, as Susana González has health issues.

Malinally has also acted in soap operas. Photo: “Dark room”

Susana Gonzalez

This actor got big festivities 20 years of «Adventurer». They even designed special costumes for him on this occasion.

She is currently starring alongside Gabriel Soto in the telenovela «My way is to love you».

Lorraine Rojas

She was the lead character as Edith González in 2001. young died. He passed away in 2015 after losing his battle against a 44-year-old Turk. liver cancer It turned out to be metastases from breast cancer that she had been diagnosed with years ago.

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