Héctor Bonilla: This was his battle against cancer and the treatments he received

Héctor Bonilla: This was his battle against cancer and the treatments he received

  • Although Héctor Bonilla is not afraid to die, he has admitted on different occasions that he wants to live at least 10 more years.

  • Both the actress and her family were researching different treatments that would give her better results.

In February 2019, Héctor Bonilla confirmed that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer; as well as revealing that she has no money to pay for her treatment.

«I really have cancer in my right kidney, I am undergoing a treatment divided into 4 months, I just finished the first month, the examining doctor says my condition is very good, let’s see what happens» End of treatment, so just clear», confirmed by the first actor at that time.

The actor was working for the premiere of the play ‘Three Musketeers of the King’ but had been feeling tired for three months, so he went to the doctor to find out what was wrong.

The doctor ordered him to do some research and that’s how they detected kidney cancer. The news surprised the actor and his family.

Then Héctor Bonilla explained how this terrible disease was detected. According to the first actor, he «didn’t tell him» about this, one day he urinated with blood, went to the urologist, did tests, and there the diagnosis was confirmed.

Although the actor admitted that the search for different treatment options was a difficult process at that time, he admitted that he «goes through the gut» and is confident about the treatment. She admitted, however, that she «is not afraid of death» but wants to live.

«They told me about various things, including marijuana, they say marijuana is really good, it didn’t impress me there, but I want to try it too,» he said of the «Sale el sol» program in February 2019. . .

Bonilla has continued to work in these years since the cancer was detected, because she herself explained that she did not receive the support of ANDA to cover the costs of her treatment, so she felt the need to continue working.

The actor, who turned 80 in August of the same year, announced that doctors check him every month and, according to his observations, his health is improving satisfactorily. She admitted that she felt confident and was «in good hands», though she didn’t give any more details about the type of treatment she received.

The actress revealed that in January 2020, a year after she was diagnosed with cancer, her daughter told her about an innovative treatment to cure her disease in Israel.

Said treatment consisted of cryoablation, that is, the tissues of the affected organ are frozen and in this way tries to stop the development of the disease in addition to not requiring surgery.

This meant that the actor and his family were seeking treatments to help him cope with the condition that was affecting him.

Later, the actress clarified the situation and said she needed to finish what she was conducting before starting a new treatment: «I had to consult the doctors who treated me, and what they told me was ‘see you soon.» It was announced for TVNotas in February 2020.

At that time Bonilla took one a day for a month, rested for two weeks, etc. He was on a pill-based treatment.

By the way, in the same year, Bonilla published a musical will for her children. By this time, the actress was feeling better and had enough energy to return to work.

In September 2021, the first player changed his protocol to deal with cancer. According to his son Sergio Bonilla’s ‘Ventaneando’ program, his father started a cell regeneration treatment that year (2021), tried it and had satisfactory results. However, she decided to switch to another treatment that offered better prospects.

One of the last appearances of the first actor Héctor Bonilla

Since this illness was detected, Héctor Bonilla did not want to stop working, but his health condition forced him to focus on rest and recovery, resulting in his occasional public appearances.

It is worth noting that his health deteriorated, which caused the fracture of the thigh bone by falling. It was during the filming of ‘A Not So Father Christmas’ in the state of Quintana Roo.

The actor had an accident, had to undergo surgery and spent a long time recovering from the fracture.

This November 25, 2022, the first actor, Héctor Bonilla, died after a long battle with cancer as well as various efforts to improve his health.

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