Between "La Nena de Argentina" and Flow Fest: María Becerra performs in Mexico for the first time

Between «La Nena de Argentina» and Flow Fest: María Becerra performs in Mexico for the first time

María Becerra will perform in Mexico for the first time (Infobae México/Ximena Ochoa)

A few days after releasing the second record material, Maria Becerra It will be presented for the first time in Mexico in one of its stages. Flow Festival 2022 and spoke on behalf Infobae Mexico especially about what it means to perform his hits on national soil, where he achieved records that he thought were impossible with his last single. Automatic.

Wrapped in an Art Deco style that became popular in the country in the 1960s and 1970s, his hometown of Quilmes, Argentina, He said he was happy to perform in front of Mexican fans for the first time.On a stage where the best representatives of Latin American urban music come together.

Although the Argentine singer admitted that she was surprised to have fans in the country and that they placed her songs among the most listened to, remembered his first contacts with national artists, especially collaborations Paty Cantu and Sofia Reyes, if i were you Y Anthem, respectively, he admitted that he admires them for their work in the industry.

(Paty Cantú and Sofia Reyes) are two very admirable women., hardworking and striving. I learned a lot (from my collaborations), the artists I sang with gave me a lot of advice, told me what to do and how to deal with problems,» he said with a smile on his face.

The artist, who started youtuber at a young age, will take the stage not only in Mexico City on November 26, but also in Mexico City on December 2. Flow Festival which is celebrated city ​​of MonterreyNew Lion.

However, the feeling that the interpreter shows lie to me He goes beyond his presentations because he presents small details about you with a wide smile. his second album study: Argentinian Girl. Two of his melodies are already known, If only Y Automatic.

Not wanting to go any further to surprise her audience, the singer stated, unlike before, that: AnimalIt’s his first album to be released in the first days of December, because there will be no collaborations. His main goal is to build his image as a singer beyond the borders of Argentina..

“It’s a beautiful album, very mature. There are many types, with all the love and respect that needs to be shown. Bachata, cumbia, ballads, urban, anything but respect and hard work»

Argentine artist to present his second studio album
The Argentine artist will present his second studio album «La Nena de Argentina» (Infobae México / Ximena Ochoa).

Finally, He said he was proud of the popularity of his nickname. Argentinian Girl Among his fans and people who are starting to get to know his music, he stated that he is proud of the country of his birth and everything that represents it to the world.

It’s nice that they got to know me like that (as Nena from Argentina). A name that makes me proud because I always carry the name of my country with me and reminds me of my way of speaking, my accent and my culture.»

María quickly caught the attention of the Latin American music industry, having been nominated for numerous awards since she officially started her career in 2019. Latin Grammy AwardsPremio Lo Nuestro, incl. won two Carlos Gardel awards -One of the most important awards in Argentina- this is 2022.


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