Vanessa Claudio: 3 photos in lingerie where the net lights up

Vanessa Claudio: 3 photos in lingerie where the net lights up

Vanessa Claude one of the most loved celebrities on social networks because only in his account instagram total 2.5 million followers and that’s where the original came from Porto Rico shared some photos of the model flirty underwear, with which open platformBy receiving hundreds of comments and thousands of «likes» with compliments and compliments, that’s why here we are. 3 designs that the driver likes the mostproud of himself silhouette in these clothes.

old driver come joy She is very active on her official accounts, as this is where she informs about her upcoming projects both inside and outside of the Ajusco company. She also flaunts her looks, especially those on the red carpet where she gives elegance and style to a chair.However, these are also revealing outfits that leave millions of fans speechless, such as bikinis and lingerie, where she shows her most sensual and enchanting side.

3-piece lingerie where Vanessa Claudio shines

now server to the extreme placed among them. celebrities showing a little more skin, She often shares footage of her modeling photo sessions. flirty underwear pieces, Attracting with its different designs, they go from the lace ones, Even the smooth ones, meaning they don’t have any striking prints or embellishments. highlight the garment.

Show off your figure with flirty outfits IG @vanessaclaudio

On the meta platform, vanessa shared some pictures wearing these underwear and it has shown that those whose favorites are lace, because most of the time she prefers this type of clothes. These pieces stand out neutral colors, from transparent ones such as white and tan to black or brown. While not bright tones, they definitely give the model and former beauty queen a classic style, showing off her curvaceous lingerie.

Likewise, she was seen posing with her clothes on. dress stylethey stand out even though they don’t show their flat stomachs his silhouette much appreciated by his fans. Like this, Claude, 39 years old, Shows a variety of options for women who want it look sensual, but with pieces that are very elegant and leave a bit of imagination, with seductive details such as prominent collars, open backs or high-waisted tights that cover some areas.

Generally, Puerto Rican wears flirty and very classic underwear, so he gives his sign bohemian chic, the which teaches day after day when she shines in mini dresses or high-waisted pants and top combinations. no doubt Vanessa Claude She is one of the prominent fashion references on Mexican television and social networks with her flamboyant clothes on red carpets and important events, clothes she wears in daily life, and underwear that is encouraged to show. .

Vanessa Claudio also models for bodysuits IG @vanessaclaudio

Puerto Rican has fashion knowledge as she participated in the contest representing her country. Miss Intercontinental 2006Although she did not win the crown for her country, she rose to prominence as a finalist and for winning the Miss Congeniality award. He then went to Mexico and entered the Azteca Center for Actor Education Studies (Cefat), which led to his debut as a television presenter. Come to Joy.

Vanessa became one of the most beloved presenters of the small screen, not only for her beauty, but also for her talent and charisma, because she won the love of the public for her appearance on the morning show of TV Azteca. Missing him after leaving the company to seek new opportunities in the United States. Now the presenter is in charge Academy 20 years and in Al Extremo.

Former VLA host conquers with bohemian style IG @vanessaclaudio


Vanessa Claudio turns the heat up in tiny underwear

PHOTOS: Vanessa Claudio turns the heat up in a modern brown bikini and knitted pareo

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