Aurora Valle criticizes Mónica Castañeda and Ventaneando: "the fun is gone"

Aurora Valle criticizes Mónica Castañeda and Ventaneando: «the fun is gone»

  • Controversies in Azteca TV and the change of the TV channel’s content director caused «Ventaneando» to change its schedule.
  • Although managed as a strategy to strengthen the rating at different times of the programming bar, one of the factors would be the rating according to Internet users.
  • Aurora Valle commented on the supposed ratings drop that her show program with which she collaborated a few years ago would present.

1997 to 2006Aurora Valley It was part of the show program. TV Azteca, ‘Windowing’It has been the longest running program of the television channel with a history of more than 20 years.

Aurora Valle commented on her YouTube channel «From History to History» how worried she was about the ratings drop of her former show.

«I’m analyzing, I love watching and ‘what’s going on, why are the ratings dropping? Why can’t they get the public attention anymore?’ above?» he began.

‘Ventaneando’ for Aurora has lost its sense of humor “I say this because it is a program that I love and will love for the rest of my life, I worked there for 10 years but ‘Ventaneando’ has something I think is missing, his sense of humor, The essence of the matter was ‘Ventaneando’… Yes, there were always strong reports and investigations, but there was a sense of humor, ‘ventaneo’”.

Aurora Valle talks about Mónica Castañeda and Ventaneando:

And he added that the show’s host, Mónica Castañeda, didn’t help keep that «fun» going. I love Mónica Castañeda so much, I love her so much, we came together, almost the same as the day we started working on Azteca TV, but (she) tells a joke and there is no answer, they kill her…. Caste (very serious) calls it ‘well, other than that’ (jokingly), don’t smudgeyou can’t carry that part of the program on your back, it wasn’t, where’s your sense of humor?… I’m telling you this for the years I was there… you don’t have anyone to help you do this fun thing… this is not now, not then, 3 months ago,» he explained.

Aurora also in those days Peter alone he’s not there, the program isn’t the same, «There are days when Pedro isn’t there and the schedule gets heavy, it’s not all journalistic investigations… when Pedro jokes, they don’t ‘go out’ because Pedro He’s so smart, I’ve known him, one of my best friends for a long time and telling a joke, Imagine next door neighbor telling you ‘more than that’, please forgive me but that wasn’t a joke.«.

On the other hand, Lupita Martínez added her opinion on this matter, «She sat like that (Mónica Castañeda) for wearing glasses, she looks like a ‘resurrection’ teacher… without drawings, without comedy, being scolded… but she wasn’t».

To conclude, Aurora Valle sent a message to Pati Chapoy, «Pati, if you don’t know this isn’t working and you’re seeing the rating regardless of whether it’s changed to 1pm, which is a lousy time. …yes you keep your core, your fun, ‘window’ If you keep the essence of the show, if you keep this part free of your research and privileges, you will be as entertaining as it is a good show show, but The fun is dead and it makes me sad because it’s a show I love so much.but when you look at the results of the trials, you say ‘don’t blot, do something’… the cuts… I had a lot of fun sitting there… and I do not see absolute fun and it is transferred to the screen‘ he finished.

Aurora Valle passes over Mónica Castañeda in Ventaneando

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