Vanessa Claudio paralyzes the forum by modeling a daring mini dress with an opening

Vanessa Claudio paralyzes the forum by modeling a daring mini dress with an opening

Coquettish and very stylish, just as it seemed Vanessa Claude in the latest broadcast to the extreme, wearing a black mini dress there was an opening in her abdomen that allowed her to show her figure. Driver paralyzed the program’s forum by passing in front of the cameras With this bold and modern design that he conquered millions of fans on television and social networks, copied his appearance and was showered with compliments.

original model Porto Rico Back on schedule this week aztec tvafter getting permission to move the awards red carpet International Emmy Awards, where she looks like a goddess in a golden robe. These days, she was showing flirty outfits, which she clearly showed. Why has it become a fashion benchmark? But for women, the piece presented this Friday was one of the favourites, because He had a much tougher style. and made it stand out on the screen.

Vanessa Claudio models an open mini dress

Claude, 39 years old, chose a mini dress black color, but this one has lost the classic touch by having some. openings in the abdomen gathered because ofa series of arches surrounding his entire silhouette. The piece was modern, so as expected, many of her followers on digital platforms like Instagram left flattering comments, deeming her as one of the best dressed and most beautiful in Mexican television.

Wandering copied your look in your account target platform Where he has 2.5 million fans. He shared a small video on the social network. He sees her modeling on the Al Extremo registration forum., a program he has owned for several months. «Very #Alextremo Friday?????? will accompany the clip.

Vanessa Claudio opened the network when her millions of followers on digital platforms commented on the post she put to music with the theme «.give moreSome of the messages like «Waauu how beautiful», «Doll», «I love you my beautiful Vanessa», «Prettier every day» and «You look super gorgeous, gorgeous». The video that is about to pass 15,000 «likes».

The driver shines in trendy dresses IG @vanessaclaudio

Like this, Vanessa Claude shows once again that Mexican television is one of the fashionistas. innovative model of cutting style, It is one of the designs that has been featured since summer and is still seen now in the fall. And although the dress the Puerto Rican wears on Friday may at first glance look like a pencil skirt attached to a cup top and straps, it becomes an evening dress thanks to the belts. cute short dress

Vane, as they affectionately called her, was recognized at the Miss Intercontinental 2006 pageant; Although she did not win the crown for her country in this competition, she stood out as a finalist and won the Miss Congeniality award. He then went to Mexico and entered the Azteca Center for Actor Education Studies (Cefat), which led to his television debut as a presenter on Venga la Alegría. She is now a part of Al Extremo, a program she fascinates with her beauty and flirty looks.


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