Football news | Harry Souttar’s game-winning fight, Australia v Tunisia FIFA World Cup

football matches star Harry Souttar received heaps of praise for intercepting a runaway striker in Australia. FIFA World Cup Defeated Tunisia in Qatar.

After Socceroos mesmerized fans from 12,000km away with a goal in the 23rd minuteHe was a Scottish-born footballer who remade everything shy full-time.

A shot from Tunisian midfielder Ferjani Sassi awkwardly bounced off Australian defender Kye Rowles and landed at Tunisia’s feet.

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Yassine Khenissi sprinted with the ball, with only goalkeeper Mat Ryan in front of her, while a side-sliding Souttar came from the flank and presented a tremendous challenge before the goal could be shot.

SBS commentator David Basheer said, «What a struggle! Harry Souttar, say hi. That was an outstanding defense.»

«You can’t underestimate Harry Souttar’s response after a mistake by Kye Rowles in midfield.

Football great Harry Kewell added, «Look at the floor Southtar has built. He has only one thing on his mind. He’s not going to let this forward pass him.

«What a great challenge. He put his body against each other. Solid, strong, perfect challenge.»

It’s been a hell of 12 months for Souttar, who had his ACL torn in November last year.

Earlier this year, her older brother died at age 42 after suffering from motor neurone disease.

Souttar arrived at the FIFA World Cup with a new tattoo from his brother Aaron, an avid golfer.

Souttar came into the tournament with just one game for Stoke City before his first appearance this year with the Socceroos.

The conflict has reignited controversy over Souttar’s salary for Stoke City, which reportedly put a $35 million price tag on him prior to his ACL injury.

The standout battle wasn’t the only thing that stood out for the 198cm defender who statistically won all his fights, won all his ground duels, and 50 touchdowns with six spaces and three blocks.

Souttar was praised by Socceroos teammates Riley McGree and Jackson Irvine.

“He’s huge, isn’t he? Literally huge,” McGree said.

«But he can move and play. He is a very important player for us. I have great respect for him and all the defenders.»

«It’s right up there with the best as midfielder, defender or forward – one of the best individual shows,» Irvine said. [for Australia] I’ve seen so far.

«He doesn’t need to be told that and he is one of the first to say we’re going to the locker room again.

«He’s just that kind of person and player. He always wants to push us and everyone else further. He’s already a leader of his age.»

«We celebrated that moment, that fight, almost more than gold. I think it will be played in the years to come.»

Australia will face Denmark in their next Group D match at 02:00 on Thursday.

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