Marvel and DC actresses who hate Margot Robbie and their costumes

Marvel and DC actresses who hate Margot Robbie and their costumes

Few actresses have had to go through this awkward moment, if Margot Robbie knew what she was up against in her Harley Quinn costume, she would have thought twice before accepting the role.

Some superhero costumes, whether male or female, have become quite offensive., and it seems the clothes are getting tighter as time goes on. Scarlett Johansson didn’t have a great time wearing her Black Widow costume, we explain why.

At the end of the day, fans only see the results of blockbuster movies. but there really are a few setbacks that the protagonists of the movies have to go through for that to happen.; Elizabeth Olsen could have looked more sensual in the role of Scarlet Witch, we’ll tell you how she got into the wardrobe we remember her in.

Elizabeth Olsen – The Scarlet Witch


Elizabeth Olsen has had a few revelations about her role as Scarlet Witch, and that was that one of the problems the actress had was with her suit on the tape. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness She said she was uncomfortable with this because of a prominent neckline. Finally, the production had no problem changing this detail.

Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow


Gentlemen saluted Scarlett Johansson’s suit: black widow, Didn’t feel like ‘sweaty pajamas’ as the actress saidIt was also a dilemma choosing whether to wear underwear or not. Fortunately this did not affect his performance.

Malin Akerman – Ghost of Silk


Silk Specter is a superhero played by Malin Akerman. Watchers: Watchers. The yellow suit was not because the person interpreting the character didn’t like it, but how tight it was. “It was like putting a condom over your entire body”in addition to a corset to reduce the waist by 3 centimeters.

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

DC Comics

Crazy but always beautiful Harley Quinn She wasn’t exactly comfortable either, which is true, even if it doesn’t seem like it, Margot Robbie She was never satisfied with the anti-hero’s wardrobe: «As Margot, I don’t like to wear these kinds of clothes. It’s like having a hamburger for lunch. And now I have to shoot a scene where my shirt gets wet and sticks to my body completely.»

Anne Hathaway- Catwoman

DC Comics

No one would name her except Anne Hathaway. cat WomanWe’ve always seen him gorgeous on the tape next to him. Batman. This role was not easy to interpret, as it turned out to represent problems for him in relating to his body. She had to lose weight to get into the locker room.

Jennifer Lawrence – Mystery


Even if you want to deny it, you have to admit that you question whether Jennifer Lawrence is really wearing a suit. Mystery Or was it just Body Paint’s work? We inform you that there is a wardrobe, and also that the actress said that it is impossible to go to the toilet.: “It’s as if the man who did it said ‘this is a woman, she doesn’t go to the toilet’. So I was peeing standing up through a funnel,” she said.

These actresses were very professional and played their roles without much discomfort, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t hate their costumes just because they were uncomfortable.. We highly doubt that Margot Robbie wants to play this role. Harley Quinn.

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