Ludwika Paleta is honest about her divorce with Plutarco Haza: “I'm late.  It was liberating”

Ludwika Paleta is honest about her divorce with Plutarco Haza: “I’m late. It was liberating”

  • Although Ludwika Paleta does not regret it, she thinks that she missed a lot as a young mother.
  • The Polish-born celebrity admitted that she hasn’t wanted to be famous since she was a teenager, starring in the children’s soap opera ‘Carrusel’.

Famous Ludwika Paleta talked about how being recognized as an actress from an early age had an impact on her life: Although he made strong confessions about Marriage to Plutarco Haza and the future of your love, son.

In an interview with the beautiful Polish actress Mara Patricia Castañeda He said that one of the most controversial moments of his life was when he decided to divorce the father of his first child. As Plutarco Haza assures her that she prefers to prioritize the care of her son, which is the best thing her marriage has left her.

“I divorced at a young age. I think divorce should be different when you feel that you don’t have much life left. I also think that you have a very wrong and misunderstood fiction. It was very liberating for me, I was very young,” Ludwika Paleta began.

“I had a little boy I needed to be good at, and I wanted more, I didn’t want to stay at home crying, I wanted to enjoy life. It was a great moment and I started meeting people… It took me, it took me a long time,” he added.

While that’s not all, she also talked about how complicated her childhood was after coming to Mexico at a young age. She became a child star in a short time thanks to Televisa’s ‘Carrusel’ project, which made her wish she could be a normal young woman and do whatever she wanted without being recognized.

“A lot of girls wanted to be famous and I wanted to be normal. I wanted to be able to go to parties without anyone knowing me. and being able to get on the bus with them without anyone asking for my autograph,” said Ludwika, before explaining everything she missed as a young mother.

especially The actor was also very grateful to his family, especially his mother and older sister. beyond always supporting her, always watching over her firstborn and agreeing to take care of her whenever she wants or has the opportunity to go for a walk.

Ludwika Paleta talks about her divorce

“Going somewhere on the weekend with my boyfriend, running away, no one knowing where I am, being accountable to no one. I had a young son, but I was very lucky to have my mother, who always looked after him, and my sister, Domi, to whom I would say, ‘Help me with Nicolás. and how bad, my little boy didn’t grow up that bad«, aforementioned.

Added, Ludwika, who gave birth to her 21-year-old son, talked about later divorced and relinquished responsibility for his son, she freed herself from many things and learned what she wanted and didn’t wantbecause he did his best in every way.

«I don’t want it to sound ugly because my marriage has given me so much and is one of the most precious things and Nicolás I love most in the world. but I needed to experience something else, I liberated myself, I got rid of a lot of things and evolved and became a different person and learned a lot and dated one person and the other but if you don’t do these, how will you learn? I wanted to enjoy life, it was a great moment and I started meeting people… it took me, it took me a long time.»

Ludwika Paleta talks about her divorce

Finally, Ludwika said she was happy to be able to find her current partner and father of two other children, whom she has always thanked for her support since then. She assures that she will not dare to act in a soap opera and that if her husband does not agree, she will have to be with another man.

“If I was in a marriage where I had really bad times, not happy, terrible things, that would be noticed, these would be noticed. I think it’s very clear. «There’s no way to hide something for long, and when they say something, I see them neutrally and say ‘Aah’ and that’s it.»

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