Melbourne Demons crown AFLW premieres as club legend unlikely farewell bids

Melbourne won her maiden AFLW Prime Minister’s defeat brisbane Four points ahead of 7,412 spectators at the Brighton Homes Arena in Springfield.

The Lions were ahead for most of the first half, but handed the lead to the brave Demons side who won between 2.7 (19) and 2.3 (15).

The upsetting win secured the club’s first premiership in its five-year history and gave Adelaide some consolidation in April for their sixth season’s grand final defeat.

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The first scoring win of the game could be the perfect swan sign for Melbourne captain and AFLW veteran Daisy Pearce, who has yet to confirm whether she will play in 2023.

Speaking after the match, Pearce did not want to discuss his future in the game.

“I don’t think further than now,” he said.

«Don’t make me think about it and don’t steal these moments from me. I’m very, very proud of this team.

“I felt uncomfortable all this time. It’s about me being told. I feel like it’s a glorified thing that happens outside of these four walls.

«All I get here is shit that’s taken out of me. I’m the subject of everybody’s jokes, so it’s no coincidence that I come back and hang out with this band.

After Brisbane scored two goals in the opening, Pearce said there were many «great stories» he wanted to win for the Melbourne side, including longtime manager Mick Stinear.

Since the competition’s inception in 2017, only Stinear and Brisbane mentor Craig Starcevich have remained of AFLW’s eight inaugural coaches.

“Mick Stinear is a world-class coach. He’s a great person and he just built this program from the ground up,” Peace said.

«We don’t have the best facility on the computer, we’re a little off Broadway. We’re not the most popular team out there, and we don’t have all the bells and whistles and we don’t have them. Give cars to the players that come to us, but we have the best coach to make you a good football player in the competition.

The moment Melbourne Demons became AFLW champions

«There were a lot of good examples today. Sarah Lampard’s season – she was probably a bit of a border player and already seemed to be pushing everything she could – I think she finished the season. She’s also one of the best wingers in Impenetrable.

«this [Mick’s work] and it takes a player like Lampy.

“I’ve never heard him say no to an actor. If you have the time and desire to get better, he won’t say no.

«The guy lives in Anglesea and will come and meet you in Geelong on the highway, come find you wherever you are in your life and have a hands-on session.

«He’s definitely the heart of this team. I just played for him.»

Despite being two points ahead lately, Pearce said there wasn’t a moment when he thought his team was at home. But he trusted that Dee’s moment would come.

That’s the great thing about this team – you can’t buy faith, but with all the games we played this year and the positions we had to win, we found a way.

“To do that today, to have to come here to Brisbane and wear the disappointment of the world. [losing the home final]. It took about a nanosecond between this group. It was like, ‘We don’t care, we’re playing a big final and we’re going there to win’.

«They invited the wrong team to the housewarming party.»

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