Live updates: FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Spain vs Germany, Canada vs Croatia

Live updates: FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Spain vs Germany, Canada vs Croatia

There is a lot to be played between Spain and Germany in the European heavyweights’ battle, but a score was not considered offside.

Follow all developments in Qatar on our live blog.

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Live updates

A moment from Musiala

By Andrew McGarry

Germany gets closer, Kimmich attacks from the left. He hands the ball to Jamal Musiala, who starts dancing around the Spanish defenders before falling to the ground in an interception.

More than that, Hansi Flick will think.

Spain almost gives!

By Andrew McGarry

Unai Simon’s playing from behind was a problem for Spain – and they almost paid the price there!

Simon’s pass went astray, he passed around and landed on Joshua Kimmich. His hard shot seemed to go to the corner of the net, but Simon made up for it with a nice save.

We’re approaching half an hour to take off… Will the approach change once the heat and fatigue come in?

Spain made the first change

By Andrew McGarry

As soon as he says this, Ferran Torres comes out and Alvaro Morata comes in for Spain.

No sign of submarines yet for either side

By Andrew McGarry

You wonder how long coaches will leave things as they are.

There are plenty of options on the bench with five substitutes, but for now Hansi Flick and Luis Enrique seem content to let it all end 0-0.

No joy yet in Germany

By Andrew McGarry

Germany has a free kick from the left, the referee warns players to wrestle inside the penalty area.

Kimmich takes a free kick, but the German players try to beat the offside trap, failing miserably.

Both sides continue to attack

By Andrew McGarry

The left side offers fertile ground for both teams – Dani Olmo jumped off the flank and made a cross that came very close to Manuel Neuer.

Then at the other end, Thomas Müller took the lead, but the ball did not fall towards him and was cleared before Spain was given a free-kick.

Ready for the second half

By Andrew McGarry

At Al Bayt Stadium the match starts again – but it’s a false start and they have to take it again.

Germany takes the lead, but a cross from the left is too easy for Unai Simon in the Spanish stronghold.

Germany continues to inflict hell on Spain, kicking a large number of players to try to stop the Spanish attack. Will they be able to continue or will Spain break?

A snapshot of the first half

By Andrew McGarry

As you can imagine, Spain completed 367 passes against Germany’s 171 and 69 percent against Germany’s 31 percent.

La Roja’s more direct offensive play forced five corners to zero for Germany. But despite Spain having four shots against Germany, both sides managed to hit the target with one shot each.

The game is clearly in the balance – the question is, how far will Germany take things?

Given Costa Rica beat Japan and Germany face Los Ticos in the final round, will Hansi Flick settle for a draw at some point, confident that she can improve the score in the next match?

HT: Spain 0 Germany 0

By Andrew McGarry

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There was two minutes of extra time, and although Spain took the lead and forced the corner, nothing happened and thus the whistle blew to end the intriguing first period at Al Bayt Stadium.

Both sides took chances – Germany was in the net, but was rightfully rejected for offside.

Spain had clearer chances and Ferran Torres should have taken one of these opportunities, but his first touch disappointed him.

The second 45 has everything to play here and whichever side can find control in the offensive third will be separated by points.

Antonio Rudiger sent the nets into the net for Germany, but it was offside.

By Andrew McGarry

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Antonio Rudiger’s header hits the back of the net – but the German defender was offside(get)

And after all the passes and setups from Spain, Germany took a free kick from the right.

Joshua Kimmich kicks and the ball falls behind the net! Antonio Rudiger intervened and made a clear header very easily.

But wait – there is a VAR check and it was rejected for offside.

Still, this is a big warning for La Roja.

Ferran Torres needs shooting boots for Spain

By Andrew McGarry

Spain creates more chances and could have been an opener when the ball came for Ferran Torres, but the striker shone at close range – his blush was saved by an offside flag.

A few minutes later, Torres got another chance from outside the penalty area, but the German defense intervened and blocked the shot.

He’s definitely at the center of everything for Spain – Dani Olmo on the left creates and Torres has luck. It also attracts the attention of German team players.

We’ve got seven minutes plus additional time this half, will someone make a breakthrough?

Can Musiala make a difference for Germany?

By Andrew McGarry

Spaniard Jordi Alba competes for the ball with Germany's Jamal Musiala.
Germany will seek something special from young gunman Jamal Musiala(get)

For all the stars in Germany’s attack, it could be Jamal Musiala who made the difference for Die Mannschaft.

The Bayern Munich player shows a lot of potential and in the first round he almost scored against Japan with a bit of individual intelligence.

Are you nervous going to Spain and Germany?

By Andrew McGarry

Up until this point, although Spain appeared to have more offensive ability, turnovers were starting to be intense and fast.

This is somewhat surprising for the two sides, which are well above average.

There’s obviously pressure and the stakes are high here, but a little composure wouldn’t go wrong here as Antonio Rudiger fired a long shot in the Z Row for Germany.

Errors at both ends

By Andrew McGarry

Spanish goalkeeper Unai Simon tried to bite off more than he could chew with a wide pass from behind.

Intercepted by Germany, they got them in the zone but a shot was blocked – it went from the right to Serge Gnabry and he shot a shot over the goal and over the far post.

Then a minute or so later, Manuel Neuer made a similar mistake for Germany and Spain nearly capitalized it – the ball was handed to Ferran Torres in the gap, but the pain stopped when he swung his first touch and took a shot. by the defenders, so Germany is breathing again.

27 minutes left, both sides must focus on eliminating mistakes, sooner or later one of the sides will be punished for it.

Uneasy fans at Al Bayt Stadium

By Andrew McGarry

There are a few whistles off the ground right now because Spain is playing a slower passing game and everyone wants them to continue the show!

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with the slow-paced game – and now Spain is on the edge of the penalty area, falling apart, but halfway through they regroup and send them to the left.

Jordi Alba cuts in and takes a smash hit right off the post.

18 minutes – still Spain 0 Germany 0

By Andrew McGarry

We are experiencing a momentary stagnation in transactions, but the shape of the game is emerging.

Spain is supposedly in control and playing more aggressively, while Germany is ready to break at any time as they try to keep many of La Roja’s offensive options locked down.

Manuel Neuer saves for Germany

By Andrew McGarry

Manuel Neuer saves for Germany against Spain
German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer needed all of his experience and reflexes to bounce Dani Olmo’s hard shot from the post.(get)

Gnabry offside ends German attack

By Andrew McGarry

Now we have our first showdown for Germany in 10 minutes, with a blast from midfielder Leon Goretzka.

He plays as a striker from the right for Serge Gnabry, but his shot is deflected and the offside flag is now raised.

That’s a good thing though. With La Roja dominating the ball possession and openings so far, Germany needed to show some offensive power to keep Spain straight.

Great save from Germany!

By Andrew McGarry

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Ok – things have increased significantly!

Spain went forward, Gavi sent the ball from the left to Dani Olmo and unleashed a wild shot from German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer deflecting it into the crossbar, then the post and away.

That could easily have been 1-0 and here it shows the attacking firepower at Spain’s disposal.

Both sides are trying to settle in Al Bayt Stadium

By Andrew McGarry

Germany went forward and forced the shot, but turned over and Spain took the field.

It’s a somewhat felt process that didn’t have a chance early on – although Germany delivered the ball from the left, Spain centered the ball on Ferran Torres, who was unable to go over the ball and the opening was lost.

We’re in five minutes.

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