M´Balia de OV7 se casó con su novio trans, así lucen los recién casados

OV7’s M’Balia marries trans boyfriend, this is what newlyweds look like

After being engaged for two months, M’Balia Y Alex Tinajero they are already married this is the second marriage member’s OV7, after ten years of being married to Julián Ledón. The story between the singer and her current husband has garnered a lot of media attention due to Tinajero’s transsexuality and the story of how they met, as they say Alex has been a fan of the group for over 15 years.

The relationship between M’Balia and Alex Tinajero began in 2021, a year after the artist split from father of four children, Julián Ledón. When the singer divorced, there were many rumors accompanying their separation, it was even suggested that the decision was made due to the violence M’Baila experienced in her marriage, as her supposed husband forced her to work all for a living. ill-treatment if household expenses do not cover the family financially.

Despite the rumors, both parties have stated that they currently have a good relationship for their children, and two years after the divorce, M’Baila gave herself another chance at love by marrying her partner, Alex Tinajero. That they have been very close since they formalized their relationship in 2021 and announced that they were engaged in September 2022.

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And although the official story says the couple had been in a relationship for a little over a year before saying «yes,» the version has been circulating on various websites, Alex and M’Baila were 17 and 19 years old respectively, they had already started a relationship and after losing contact for several years, They met again to give themselves a second chance and got engaged last September.

At the time, the couple did not reveal many details about their wedding plans as although they do show their love openly and publicly, they prefer to remain hermetic when it comes to detailing some aspects of their relationship. When they were caught together at the airport, all they talked about was that they had rejected the option of holding the wedding on the beach because they had a more modern style and they had a trip to Las Vegas in mind. Honey to celebrate their honeymoon will apparently have to wait because the singer appeared at the OV7 concert in Querétaro this afternoon, as shown on the group’s account’s Instagram stories.

As part of their commitment, the wedding date was never revealed in front of the media as the couple claimed that M’Balia’s constant commitments on the OV7 30th anniversary tour prevented her from setting a tentative date. The option to postpone their plans to the first months of next year is a plan that doesn’t have to come true as the singer and Tinajero are already a married couple.

Photo: Instagram via @revistamexa

While it’s not clear if the wedding ceremony was on Friday, when M’Balia shared some photos of their union days ago, the truth is the joy that accompanied them at that time, because in the footage you can see the singer watching Alex with great excitement. In addition, the OV7 member shared different posts on his social networks where he referred to his relationship with Tinajero, emphasizing that the sexual identity of his wife is not important because what unites them transcends social stigmas.

However, we know only part of the story of M, Baila, as Tinajero has private accounts on social networks.

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