'Merlina': Tim Burton's twisted love letters to Helena Bonham Carter

‘Merlina’: Tim Burton’s twisted love letters to Helena Bonham Carter

Tim Burton has made his love for the weird and monstrous clear, but no matter how sinister his stories are, the director has a romantic side and he shows it in these love letters to his ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter.

Tim Burton is known for delivering stories featuring exotic characters, so it was no surprise that Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Homer Addams (Luis Guzmán) announced that he would direct a series inspired by his daughter. manager insect juice admitted that it has always been identified with the mysterious young lady and when Jenna Ortega auditioned for the character she knew she would be perfect to be a star Merlinnow available on Netflix.

as director of titles young scissors hands and Sleepy Hollow often do fun sketches of their characters on napkins and made some suggestions for what Merlina would look like before filming began. Many of his drawings are characterized by long faces, large eyes, and expressionless faces; most of them were screened and both Johnny Depp What Helena Bonham Carter They were tasked with interpreting them. being the director’s favorite duo.

The interpreter of the hideous Bellatrix Harry Potter She had a long relationship with Burton until she decided to separate in 2014.. Budgerigar couple met on set planet of the apes and although they had never been married or lived together, they both showed their love carelessly. The director brought out his cheesy side with cute letters and love notes, here are some of them.

forever comrades


Although both ended their relationship in 2014, they have made it clear in several interviews. They were on good terms and their friendship would continue as they also had two children who would keep them together for a long time.

Burton with all my heart


Tim Burton made his love for Helena evident and showed it with these sinister drawings that characterize the director so much.. They never lived together as they both preferred their own space and it worked for them for a while.



Before becoming famous, Tim Burton presented a book of poems and pictures under the title «The Melancholy Death of the Oyster Boy.» It’s where two characters known as Stainboy and Toxic Boy were born who would later appear in a series of animated shorts. It seems that the director decided to recreate Helena as if she were part of his strange world.



Tim and Helena had two children, the elder named Billy Raymond and the younger one Nell, a diminutive of his mother’s name. While both have moved away from the limelight, the director has shown his love for them and the proof is in these delicate drawings. Actually, if you pay attention to the movie Big Eyes, you will find a different version of the second illustration.

a strange love


actress fight Cluba She starred in several of Burton’s films, so the director has several illustrations of her characters with the face of the actress. This one especially reminds us of The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, don’t you think?

for Helena


As a sign of their love, Charly and the director of the chocolate factory made several pictures of her lover’s face in different outfits. Now you know how the actress will look in an animation.

love letter


The director wrote her little love notes at every opportunity and of course he accompanied them with funny drawings.. On the right, you can read: «Why would you be unhappy with someone you don’t love when you can be unhappy with someone you love.» What did you think?

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